part two: manaoag

Posted on: July 10, 2013

after leaving bolinao, we headed to manaoag, mainly the church… although not after getting lost around tarlac and dagupan. lol. the last time i was there, i was a teenager and was on a summer holiday with some relatives. i was probably hungry… and melting through the heat.

this time around, i was still hungry, had already melted, and had a leg cramp. hahaha! but it was worth it though, i may not be the most faithful, most prayerful person but i still appreciate


holy images and sculptures and how beautiful they can be. on a side note, i always thought they’re just there to serve as memorial so don’t ask me about the statue worship issue, k?


we also lit some candles… because God, Buddha, Kami-sama or whatever you call God is also known as the Light of the world.


there’s also a wooden statue of Our Lady, i’m not sure if they carved Her from the tree or they just placed Her there but i thought that was very creative and finally…


i got to see Our Lady of Manaoag again… although not up close, since there was a mass going on… but She’s literally glowing.


there are many more statues around the church, but mami lyn and i found this metal one of Jesus… i like it a lot, Jesus looks very happy unlike the way He is depicted on the cross. it is like He’s giving high fives!


these trees were just around the outside of church. these were one of the things that i liked as well because they have a pretty calming color, and provided us a bit of protection from the rain. the closest church near my house is by the highway with large signs that say “no honking”… so it was kind of nice to be in a church that was a bit quieter that what we have.


pasalubong … there were a lot of vendors outside, yung iba nanghahabol ng turista, hahaha! the rest of the ra team went for tupig, a kind of rice and coconut dessert, but my dad always gets those from his trips to pangasinan plus the wrapping kind of disintegrates once you start to remove it and yeah… it’s messy. so i went for some non-messy puto or steamed rice cakes instead. hihihi.


they sold rosaries too in all sorts of colors and material… and since i also wanted something to remember the trip by, i got a colorful bead one, kasing colorful ng ra team! i really enjoyed this trip because of them and i hope they’d still remember me even if i had already moved to a different company. tapos, umuwi na kami… yehey!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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