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after watching a really good eiga sai film, maki and i browsed around shang’s japanese toy exhibit, we got gashapons and i was very pleased with mine that i had been thinking about getting another one even after maki and i had gone home, hahaha! wanting this so badly, i went back the following day to…

destination imagination

destination imagination … japanese toys everywhere, yay! of course i headed out first to the

destination imagination

gashapons! there were lots to choose from and yes, they can be addicting… or maybe it’s that feeling of surprise when you finally get the toy inside. hihi.

destination imagination

and i got the gashapon i had come for, it had a chibi red zaku gundam! huzzah! i hope we have a larger range of gashapons at the nearby mall…

there were other toys too and here are the interesting ones… well, more like what i was able to get close to without the hyper kids and parents milling around, hehe.

destination imagination
destination imagination

chuggington … this is the largest train set i’ve ever laid eyes on… it’s something that’s really nice to watch, plus it’s taller than me, i think it’d be pretty fun to build! another toy that’s worth building are

destination imagination

gundams … because they’re ozummm. i’d been hooked on gundam wing and seed for some time, well, until i had a hard time digesting seed destiny. hahaha! i think this was amuro ray’s gundam, which was the basis of all gundams. and of course it wouldn’t be complete without…

destination imagination

daimos, voltes v, and mazinger z! these brought back the childhood memories… they were actually blasting the voltes v song all the time, i didn’t know the complete lyrics but i had a lot of fun singing along to the part that goes… borutesu faibu ni! all in all it was a great event, i hope they’ll have an even bigger one next year!

yun lang.

♥ melai


so maki and i were finally able to watch eiga sai at shang this year… maki always has great timing and we were able to catch the only animated film in the eiga sai line up which is mai mai shinko to sennen no maho, here’s the trailer…

when you translate it, it means mai mai shinko and the millennium old magic… although they shortened the english title to mai mai miracle. it’s a beautiful film, it was able to charm the kids around, including me, hehe. but just like tonari no totoro, it also appeals to the not so young ones.


the story revolves around the friendship of two nine year old girls namely aiko shinko, a lively country girl with an ozummm imagination, and shimazu kiiko, the quiet one who just came from the city. they have different personalities that reminded me of my friends, and how each one of them is a different world… and this adds to my further love for this film.

everything in mai mai miracle was magical in a way that’s not hocus pocus. it dealt with the simple things in life, like trust and friendship, having a leap of faith, and it even showed death with so much grace… true magic you know. it’s the best thing i’ve ever watched in a while, i don’t even have a favorite scene because i loved them all! looking forward to watching more eiga sai in the up film center soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: July 15, 2013

late post, hehe! monique and i have wanted to go to ihop months ago, but the line was… well just say we came there during breakfast time and with the number of people in the waiting list, we were expecting to be served past lunch time. lol. so we decided to just wait for a few month before attempting to eat there again, just like what we did with


ihop … or international house of pancakes, but they really should change it to international house of breakfast! hehehe. at dahil breakfast din naman pinaguusapan, let’s start with…


drinks … i got the default iced tea because i cannot stand milk or bitter coffee. tolits got a giant thermos of the bitter stuff though while monique got strawberry syrup…


the old fashioned, blueberry, and butter pecan ones are hers too… lol no, we got her some iced tea.


all the food goes to monique as well, hahaha! which is why she’s become one of my good friends, hindi choosy kumain! i think they’ve gotten the breakfast samplers and lots of ketchup! on the other hand, i had some…


whole wheat waffle with blueberries … it was excellent and gets better with the blueberry syrup but its super heavy. it also comes with…


turkey bacon and fake eggs … bacon is ozummm forever and more ozummm when it’s not oily (mental note… maki will love this!) the fake eggs though, i don’t know what they’re made of, were ok.


breakfast with friends and people you love will always be one of life’s simplest pleasures… good food, hilarious conversations, just plain bonding. hihihi, see you again ihop.

yun lang.

♥ melai

after leaving bolinao, we headed to manaoag, mainly the church… although not after getting lost around tarlac and dagupan. lol. the last time i was there, i was a teenager and was on a summer holiday with some relatives. i was probably hungry… and melting through the heat.

this time around, i was still hungry, had already melted, and had a leg cramp. hahaha! but it was worth it though, i may not be the most faithful, most prayerful person but i still appreciate


holy images and sculptures and how beautiful they can be. on a side note, i always thought they’re just there to serve as memorial so don’t ask me about the statue worship issue, k?


we also lit some candles… because God, Buddha, Kami-sama or whatever you call God is also known as the Light of the world.


there’s also a wooden statue of Our Lady, i’m not sure if they carved Her from the tree or they just placed Her there but i thought that was very creative and finally…


i got to see Our Lady of Manaoag again… although not up close, since there was a mass going on… but She’s literally glowing.


there are many more statues around the church, but mami lyn and i found this metal one of Jesus… i like it a lot, Jesus looks very happy unlike the way He is depicted on the cross. it is like He’s giving high fives!


these trees were just around the outside of church. these were one of the things that i liked as well because they have a pretty calming color, and provided us a bit of protection from the rain. the closest church near my house is by the highway with large signs that say “no honking”… so it was kind of nice to be in a church that was a bit quieter that what we have.


pasalubong … there were a lot of vendors outside, yung iba nanghahabol ng turista, hahaha! the rest of the ra team went for tupig, a kind of rice and coconut dessert, but my dad always gets those from his trips to pangasinan plus the wrapping kind of disintegrates once you start to remove it and yeah… it’s messy. so i went for some non-messy puto or steamed rice cakes instead. hihihi.


they sold rosaries too in all sorts of colors and material… and since i also wanted something to remember the trip by, i got a colorful bead one, kasing colorful ng ra team! i really enjoyed this trip because of them and i hope they’d still remember me even if i had already moved to a different company. tapos, umuwi na kami… yehey!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i don’t really talk about work since i wanted to separate my work life and life outside of it… however, i recently joined my previous company’s reports analysts’ team building. they’re ozummm people who i really like so i’m making this exception. and so we were off…


somewhere down the road … we stopped somewhere to buy water and to pee. wore my adidas neos, they’re ozumm! special thanks to my wonderful sponsor. hahaha! it took us more than seven hours to finally get to


villa carolina … ang pinakamalayong resort sa balat ng planet! hahaha! we all gave a whoop when we arrived, kaw ba naman ma stuck sa loob ng isang van ng ilang oras. anyhoo the place had a bit of a


tropical feel to it. there was a small solar powered hut that i found interesting and the place is filled with wood, planks, grass, and err… cement structures pretending to be large logs. hehehe! there were other interesting things in villa carolina like this…


panda fan … hahaha! shut up, i like pandas. i wasn’t particularly pleased with the rooms because of the salt water showers and weirdly patterned bed sheets… i like myself not tasting too salty and my bedsheets to match… the panda print has made up for this offensiveness. lol.


the view to the sea is pretty… there’s a river, just beside the resort, going into the larger body of water… so we get a nice mix of mermaid colors!


plant life … they had a lot of flowering plants that are oddly placed everywhere, i do hope they’d hire a landscaper once all their renovations are done… i liked the pink flowers and the hanging plants a lot though.


the owners’ daughter had a grumpy cat. i call him grumpeee because he’d try to claw at me before letting me stroke his chin, also i was not able to understand his real name, the owners had an accent, they’re belgian. he looks almost the same as yuki but with blue eyes. and finally there were


butterfly designs everywhere. what, there could be a story behind it… hahaha. they’re pretty though. on the other hand, i’ve been goofing around with the ra team…


camwhoring … the team is composed of around 95 percent females so taking pixxors is a must. above pixxor is of mei, claire, and monic on the pink venice bridge. i think it is the gayest bridge i have ever seen.


eating … they have been planning this trip for ages, and they brought a lot of food, and we ate a lot. i particularly enjoyed the mangoes and eggplants. hahaha!


photobombing … and this is my favorite pixxor of all! sorry claire… at siyempre, we enjoyed the beach…


chanced upon the beach when it was empty! yes, no annoying tourists waddling around… hehehe!


the sand was warm and maybe you can… exfoliate? sand is coarse you know. you can also poke


crab holes … there were a lot of them some as small as coins but this is the biggest one i’ve seen, the diameter is around that of a beer mug. now if get bored with that you can


pick up shells too! i got a little souvenir, it was the cleanest and closest to perfect that i could find and finally when your back hurts you can sit down and


write something from the leftover coral. this i love you was made by ate jen, ganyan talaga pag in love eh. over-all it was an nice experience, before we left though,


i took one last look … might come back someday. here’s a shoutout to the ra team… thanks for inviting me to join your team building. it felt good to be part of something.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

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