part two: friuli trattoria

Posted on: June 27, 2013

after tomato kick, david, pat, and the melaikick headed to friuli trattoria, dodging and leaping over puddles… but it was all worth it!


prints … the place reminded me of an old kitchen or a picnic, plaid prints and all. haha. they have nice heavy plates too.


little boy and his pout … wahahaha! yes, we camwhored a bit more. this is my favorite pixxor of david.


and this is my only decent pixxor. hahaha! now, i didn’t get to take pixxors of the pizza and cheese sticks since we attacked them almost instantly, will probably update this though when david finally decides to upload the pixxors from his camera. lol. anyhoo, i took one of the…


ravioli … this was really good, like everything else. because we…


annihilated the food! hahaha! and of course the only things that can surpass all that was the dessert. we had


tiramisu … this was david’s. this was almost perfect and everybody loves tiramisu but it could have been bigger…


pharaoh’s delight … this one was patrick’s. it’s supposed to be a pyramid but i thought it looked kind of weird to have pistachios for the capstone. the rest is fig gelato by the way…


after eight … this one’s mine, made of…  mint and chocolate gelato… it was ozuuuuum!

over all it was an excellent experience at friuli trattoria. we had great food, they had well mannered staff who provided good service, tapos i got to bond with two people who are close to my heart. pag masarap kasi ang pagkain, mas nagkukwento sila. hahaha! salamat sa pagsama saken david and pat!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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