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i’ve been wanting to go to this even for a long time… buti nalang ang bait ni maki at sumama siya sakin sa malayong kaharian ng pampanga. hahaha! sumakay kami sa flying bus and we’re off to…

the 18th philippine international hot air balloon fiesta … it was a good thing i wasn’t able to find tickets at the mall because they were just those regular tickets printed out like in the movies. the tickets at the gate were the large ones you could keep as a souvenir. hihi. also, since we had a bit of time before the program, i bought a…


tee shirt … which is kind of oversized because all they have are those giant guy shirts. felt bad a bit because maki wasn’t able to get one, mas maliit siya sakin ee. anyhoo, will use for jogging, hehe. tapos, there were lots of kids hurling


kites around in the hopes of making them fly. hehe. one of them was able to fly this rainbow colored one. after a while, whoever was in charge started


inflating the hot air balloons. yehey! nakakaamaze lang kasi para silang bumabangon galing sa tulog, tapos hot air yung coffee. lol.


paraglider … this one carried our flag and went in loops over the field while the national anthem was playing. afterwhich, the


hare balloon started the race. they called it hare because hares do start races, although it would have been better if it was really shaped like a bunny. hehehe. and then the rest of the


kooky hot air balloons followed. i thought the tulip bouquet one was pretty but my personal favorite is the space shuttle one… i kind of like how the way it looks like a killer whale plus its pilots were the most cheerful.


fly … it was really ozumm watching these balloons fly and the view is better when they’re flying together. we milled around for an hour or until the breitling jets did their heart stopping air show. guess who had fun the entire time?


these girls of course. here’s a shout out to shane, miming, david, and max, maybe we can go next time naman… more pixxors here. some of the shots were maki’s. hihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai


decided to go the the last day of the fair din, even if maki and miming couldn’t… hmph! hahaha!


speak up … although i listened a lot …to music… that night. again, the syalan up fair tickets! on the other hand, it was actually a bit nice to wander alone in the fair grounds, i got to buy a few more trinkets and had


henna … i had the one from the first day covered up because it didn’t turn out the way i wanted to… i got compliments with this new one though. hihi.


shawarma rice … i ate this during the first day too because the kuya who was selling this is cute shawarma rice is ozumm. pero sa tingin ko, hindi na masyadong marami ang nagbebenta ng shawarma mas madami na kasi ang nagbebenta ng…


teas … so, ang benta lang ng milk teas at fruit teas sa fair. people were chugging the stuff even if they know that these are diuretics and that they might need to pee in a yucky enclosed and unlit urinal. uminom din ako. wahehehe. there were other things that seemed fun like…


jinri park … who is really pretty. she was teaching the audience a few korean words so that makes her cool in my book.


octopus ride … nangangain naman to ng mga magsyota. hahaha! i love the colored lines in the ride for some reason though…


sponsors … sometimes they have nice stuff displayed around. at siyempre…


moonstar88 … kasi ang ganda ng boses nung vocalist, kahit hindi kumakanta, she sounds really sweet. on a side note, i liked gracenote too but mostly because of the violin part. hihi.

tapoooos, i went home na before midnight, didn’t want to risk getting trapped in the narrow passage before the exit and get my butt touched again liked what happened during the first day. nyahahah!  enjoy pa ren though, sabi ko nga, next year ulit!

yun lang.

♥ melai

talaga lang nag-eenjoy ako sa up fair, pang 5th year ko na to eh, hahaha! went with maki, who got the…


syalan up fair tickets from ticketworld, courtesy of ailyn. tickets used to be simple cards with graphics pero umuunlad na ngayon. hehehe.


bulkantahan … was the first day of the fair, unang pasabog nga daw. i think sulit naman yung binayad namin… ganda ng boses ni jessica sanchez eh, although kasalanan niya kung bakit late na kami nakauwi. hahaha. they made her perform first rather than the bands… anyhoo, got to listen to spongecola, join the club, ebe, gloc 9, at siyempre, parokya ni edgar pluuuus ang kalandian ni chito miranda. hihihi.

we roamed around din… ito talaga yung gustong gusto ko sa fair eh bukod sa mga bands, yung mga cute na boys binebenta sa mga stalls saka yung mga rides, although hindi kami sumasakay. lol. heto o…

flying fiesta

flying fiesta … makulay na ride na nangangain ng kids at nagpapahilo ng mga tao! my pixxor was stolen from maki’s instagram.


maki and ninja maki … i bought a ninja plush and named it maki after my best friend. katabi ko na si ninja maki matulog ngayon, hahaha!


i got some pitaka purses too. will give the ‘arte’ one to my other friend, monique. these are cool though… they promote our culture and they’re sensible at the same time. at sa wakas…


nakabili na din ako ng up fair shirt … lagi kasi akong nauubusan during the past years.  congratulations melai! tapooos, umuwi na kami ni maki. swerte lang namin, nakasakay kami agad ng ikot at pasalamat ko na ren because maki gets super cranky when she has not had sleep… ako, cranky lang. hahaha! super enjoy ako, next year ulit.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

i went to a small all-girls college in mendiola and was close friends with a group of five girls and then we all graduated… which meant we didn’t see each other as often, although we keep in touch every once in awhile. so then, after more than five years, i was able to see some of my college friends again!


mean girls … or half of us. we still call ourselves ‘mean girls’,  hahaha! it’s an inside joke. from left is cons, then me, then ruch. we caught up with each other at parvati’s and we mulled over paw’s upcoming wedding, old funny things that happened when we were in college, and our current lives over wonderful sammies. heto o…


smoked salmon sandwich … with mango dill dressing! hihi. i ordered this, and this was amazing… i never had a penchant for fish but the salmon was just right and the mango closed the deal. will order again!


cons’ sandwich … i have no idea what it’s called. hahaha! it looks good too though. ruch already ate so she just had coffee with us after we ate.

so eun, it was really nice to hear from them and i’m really looking forward to more bonding sessions like these. at dahil nag-enjoy ako na makasama sila ulit at kumain ng marami, i ended the day with mini brazo de mercedes which i ordered for takeout! hahaha! ako na matakaw!

yun lang.

♥ melai

12:13 AM 2/10/2013 … it’s the year of the water snake! yehey! wishing everyone good fortune, happiness, and prosperity this year.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

and so this is how i celebrated the first day of the lunar new year…

chamber of secrets

watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets … snake ba? it’s got a massive one. i would have done great in slytherin but i’m not pure blood eh. hehehe.


ate tikoy … for a sweet new year!


snake slippers … i got something new for the new year din. bagong chanilas from havaianas! hehehe. the design is snakeskin so i thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

so eun, festivities usually continue until the fifteenth day of the new year, but let’s also fill the rest of the year with happiness, love, maraming pagkain at adventure! happy chinese new year ulet!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i bought new ink from hp last week… genuine ones, ehem… kind of went on a printing spree and made some boxes. heehee. (i recovered the pdf from my old drive but i don’t remember where i downloaded it. sorry!) heto o…

little boxes
little boxes
little boxes

little boxes

i don’t know why i find paper craft amusing, baka baliw lang talaga ako. hahaha! anyhoo, i think they’re cheeseballs enough so i’m going to give these out on valentine’s!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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