rurouni kenshin live action

Posted on: December 24, 2012

rurouni kenshin wa

late post, hehehe. but i still wanted to document being able to watch the rurouni kenshin live action movie… (like everyone else, lol!) and it was ozummm… at lahat pa ng synonyms ng ozum! here are the reasons why …

the cast is almost perfect. i initially thought that takeru sato is still waaaay too young to be kenshin (who’s supposed to be 29 at the time he meets kaoru, sato is 22)  but he looks all grown up nao and manly. he really did look like kenshin, red hair, scar, and all. nakakatuwa lang isipin na dati na siyang naging si kamen rider. i also think that takeru and emi takei, who plays kaoru, look so adorbs together, i hope they make babies. hahaha!

on the other hand, the other actors were all believable, although aoi yuu, who tries to annoy kaoru as megumi, can never be annoying to me. what was annoying though, was kanryuu’s bob and fake dentures. hahaha! i liked the kid who played yahiko too, i just hope he doesn’t grow up too fast, baka palitan ng actor sa next movie. the only thing i didn’t like was sano’s hair, it looked odd to me  for some reason…

the music. i would have liked to hear the original ones from the anime but they made it even better… sort of like a mix of traditional japanese music and rock. i stayed till the end just to listen to the ost. eto o…

there are light hearted moments like when kenshin says oro?! which is why i feel takeru is a really great fit for the role… in the manga and anime, kenshin says oro?! in a way that he looks chibi-deformed… and for a japanese person, takeru sato has exceptionally large eyes. there’s also sano’s fight with banjin where sano eats chicken and banjin says “the poor bird. i’m a vegetarian.” wahahaha!

the fight scenes aren’t vomit inducing but still realistic. miming made me watch 13 assasins before, it was all gore and decapitation but ruruouni kenshin’s fight scenes were not that bloody but focused on stances and superhuman flying flips and back flips. and finally…

the last scene where kenshin says “tadaima de gozaru yo” which means “i’m home”. it’s was a very simple ending… but to me it was the best scene of all because it’s beautiful and heartwarming to come back home to the people you love.

yun lang. i do hope they make a sequel on the shishio arc!

♥ melai


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