bulgogi garden

Posted on: August 27, 2012

maki and i hadn’t really planned where to eat out last week but since shane has finally joined us, we decided to eat at bulgogi garden… again! yehey! i kind of really like the place eh. heto o…

mas kuha pa yung mga plato
mga sira

bulgogi garden … the place is airy and wide enough for us be stupid. lol. i actually teased our waitress on our first try there but she laughed it off and served us really well. anyhoo, we ordered…

sam gyeop sal

sam gyeop sal … it’s basically grilled pork with lots of dipping sauces and kimchi and other vegetables. mahirap mag-asawa ng koreano, marami kang huhugasang plato. hahaha! so eun, i’ve enjoyed eating at bulgogi garden so far, good food na, good customer service pa. will definitely come back! pixxors taken from maki!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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