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maki and i hadn’t really planned where to eat out last week but since shane has finally joined us, we decided to eat at bulgogi garden… again! yehey! i kind of really like the place eh. heto o…

mas kuha pa yung mga plato
mga sira

bulgogi garden … the place is airy and wide enough for us be stupid. lol. i actually teased our waitress on our first try there but she laughed it off and served us really well. anyhoo, we ordered…

sam gyeop sal

sam gyeop sal … it’s basically grilled pork with lots of dipping sauces and kimchi and other vegetables. mahirap mag-asawa ng koreano, marami kang huhugasang plato. hahaha! so eun, i’ve enjoyed eating at bulgogi garden so far, good food na, good customer service pa. will definitely come back! pixxors taken from maki!

yun lang.

♥ melai


posas … last week, maki and i went to watch posas at up. it was my first time to go to a cinemalaya screening. honestly, i wasn’t all too excited about it because i’ve only liked a few filipino movies. also, i’ve chanced upon a review of the film which says that the story was sluggish… but i actually liked it. here’s the trailer…

i liked it probably because i’d rarely watched anything like it. what i mean is, it isn’t something you could just normally watch in the mall theaters that show mostly shallow romance comedies. posas is both heavy and light. heavy because it tackles the life of a petty thief in the streets, the day he gets caught, crime committed by thieves like him, and the irony of the police being the very reason of these crimes.

it felt terrible to see someone get beaten up, to see how difficult and tedious the processes are in our laws, and seeing those corrupt cops manage to hide their own crimes but then again, i could also empathize with the person whose phone got stolen because yes, i’ve had some of mine stolen too.

it was light too because of two reasons, there was always a character who provided comic relief and the audience understood the humor. i told my bestfriend that i enjoyed watching the film because i can express my emotions and not feel stupid, unlike watching it in the mall where i had to stifle crying because i get laughed at or not laugh too hard otherwise i get shushed. when watching in the up film center, you cry when you are moved and no one would care or are probably crying too, and you can also laugh with everyone else.

over all it was a great movie, although the thief had chocolate abs and looked handsome after they washed his face. nyahahaha! i hope they make more movies like this. thanks a lot to maki, let’s go to next year’s screening din ha.

yun lang.

♥ melai

so… i went to visit noriter, a coffeehouse far far away, with david a few weeks back. it is a very lovely place, heto o…

noriter entrance

ahn nyong haseyo … it took a bit of our ‘crossing past speeding vehicles’ skills to find this place. hahaha! but we were welcomed with pretty buntings and mellow lights though, so i was happy when we got there… kahit nakipaglaban  pa ako sa mga flying bus.


cakes … this is what we ate. david likes cheesecakes too much, but they’re heavy. loved the chocolate cake though, chocolate eh. lol. i’ll try the other pastries and sandwiches, when we come back.

coffee dream
cafe noriter

playground … noriter means ‘playground’ in korean… so we did play around. hihihi. david kind of played with the wooden robot thing on the walls and i enjoyed looking at the paper cups with cute drawings in them. i also loved the stuffed bunnies, i’ve been seeing them in korean dramas, i hope they sell them here in the future.

over-all, it was a comfortable place to lounge in, well, some people were even dozing off, i think. hahaha. but of course, it’s always best to go to such a pretty place like this with a friend, salamat sa pagsama sa akin, david!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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