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so i bought a book called…


the diary of amos lee … i know i know, it’s a kid’s book but the artwork caught my eye… it’s simple, with clean lines, and … cutesy. lol. anyhoo, it’s about a boy named amos, of course, who was forced by his mom to write on his diary inside the loo. it’s kind of like the diary of a wimpy kid only, it’s less funny but that’s compensated by…


illustrations … inside, which kind of makes you want to visit singapore. there are also some other things that i liked such as the misspelled words with circles on them and corrections and side quips from amos’ mom. the themes are also good like standing up to bullies, friendship, resourcefulness, and even saving up money!

i thoroughly enjoyed the book… maybe when i get to be a mom, i’ll ask my kid to write his diary in the toilet too…

yun lang.

♥ melai


ipod shuffle
ipod shuffle plus accessories

everyday we’re shufflin’ … i wanted to find a cheap and easy way to drown out other people’s negativity at work so i bought an ipod shuffle. don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of nice people where i work, i’m just talking about some people i’ve let go of. kasi… for some reason, all i hear from them is either whining or making palibre this and palibre that, or materialism.

anyhoo, it’s been with me for more than a week now and it’s a charm…  i value its portability and it can take a beating and it doesn’t scratch easily. the battery life is excellent too, i’ve only charged it twice. but more importantly, i don’t have to hear any of the superficial stuff. oha oha, laging masaya!

yun lang.

♥ melai

went on an adventure with one of my bestfriends, david, last sunday to the mall of asia… it just so happened that patrick, david’s partner in crime, was attending a convention in smx, so we decided we should go to moa instead. also, i haven’t been to moa since… three years ago, i think. ang layo kaya ng bahay ko! hahaha!

anyhoo, i made david go to muji where we almost destroyed a very expensive set of colored pencils; to lush and beauty bar where everything smells really nice; bookstores; and a few specialty shops. i forced him to etude house to where we bought some hand lotions for patrick and nailpolish for me. hihihi. we walked a bit more, near the not so air-conditioned areas where we found…

the eye

the eye … this is what moa’s ferris wheel looks like in the afternoon. i thought it looked like a giant snowflake. anyhoo, we proceeded to smx because we were meeting patrick and since this was the third largest mall in the whole galaxy…


walking kills … hahaha! my feet and legs were sore from all that walking. please wear comfortable shoes when going to this mall. i was already tired when we slumped into the benches near smx and that was only around two hours in on our adventure. and since we were tired we decided to have some carbs at…

joey pepperoni

joey pepperoni pizzeria … we were supposed to eat at subway, but david was eyeing joey pepperoni’s, so i gave in, thought maybe eating a sandwich won’t cut the long night ahead. and therefore…

nom nom

cheese and mushrooms

pizza and pasta … as usual their pasta was excellent. just ordered carbonara but i remember the pesto max and i shared before which was awesome too. the pizza was loaded with cheese which i didn’t really like but david seem’s pleased about it. hihihi. after eating and more shopping and finally meeting patrick again as his convention thingy has already ended, we roamed around near the eye’s area and at night it looks like a…

the eye

techno snowflake … it looks cool. now all it needs would be some loud, party music. but even without the music, we had fun…

me and my kooky besty

lovers in moa

being silly kids … hahaha! i love these two, they do all the funny poses and laugh at each others’ pictures. i’ve obeserved patrick to have unique concepts when it comes to photography, couple that with david’s passion for film… they really make a good tandem.


bubble pop … i bought the toy and we blew bubbles around but the bubbles won’t show in the pixxors. we also enjoyed the…

mall of asia




pretty lights … moa is much better in the evening, when there’s so many pretty colors glowing in the dark. tapos… umuwi na kami! hahaha! i really enjoyed going to moa, yes, your feet may die but it was nice to see other things aside from shops and restaurants, it was nice to eat and play around and also maybe getting lost and asking for directions with friends… it was a day well spent.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.