tomato kick

Posted on: April 15, 2012

been excited about tomato kick since last week… for starters, tomato kick has a wordpress account therefore it is cool. logic irrefutable, hahaha! also, this place has the word kick in its name. oha oha. so eun, went with maki to their maginhawa branch…

tomato kick

the interiors were dusky… in a manly man man sort of way. there were lots of beer and spirits and they had a really old refrigerator which interestingly enough is still working and not part of the decor. hahaha! tomato kick isn’t airconditioned as well which i find ok since i’m more of a room temperature person anyway. their staff are nice, you can joke around with them.


nachos supreme … maki and i were still full but we still ordered this and tokwa’t bacon liempo which we had to take out because we were pretty much bloated and which i am currently eating as of this writing. lol.


kick … why yes, it is really called kick and this is now my favorite cocktail of all time. i think this was made of rhum and apple juice thingy. it is the most ozummm drink they sell there. hahaha! tomato kick sure does know how to get a kick out of life. i really enjoyed eating there very much. salamat pala ulet sa pagsama mo saken maki, can we have more maginhawa food trips? hehehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai


3 Responses to "tomato kick"

haha! game! tara! 😀

yehey! adventuuuure madami.

[…] kick … been here before with maki, we briefly stayed but i still remember how good the tokwat bacon liempo was… on the other […]

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