the hunger games

Posted on: March 26, 2012

excited na talaga kami ni maki sa hunger games movie since last year pa… and we were finally able to watch it yesterday! and since hunger games yung papanoorin namin we decided to go platinum at gateway mall…


globe platinum cinema … where we lounged on la-z-boys and the customer service were really nice. being able to watch a movie while lying down is so much better. saka, you’re not too close to anyone else kaya pwede umiyak! hahaha!


relaxed … the whole time. which… made me enjoy the movie even more. i’ve read the book before and i was pretty happy because they’ve only made slight deviations in the movie. even though i knew what was going to happen, i still found myself teary eyed with some of the scenes which were full of emotion… the reaping, the first few moments at the cornucopia, rue’s death, and the mob at district 11.

there are other things i liked… katniss was impressive, the way she shoots… focusing on the target, aligning the bow, the bow touching her lips, her fierce eyes… ozummm. the tributes’ costumes were cool too plus glimmer is really pretty.

it got me pondering din… na would really be possible to have such a ruthless contest like this? where everyone kills each other and the ultimate prize is being able to outlive everyone in the game… in the story, the game is actually a control tactic from the capital disguised as an event for honor, courage, and sacrifice. anyhoo, maki and i will definitely watch the next movie pero for now, happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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