little tokyo

Posted on: March 19, 2012

i’ve been eyeing little tokyo ever since my friend joey posted a picture of japanese goodies inside one of the groceries there. kasi nga, saltik ko daw ang cute. hahaha! at sa wakas…


i was finally able to set foot in little tokyo… it’s a small area of japanese restaurants, ktvs, and groceries along pasong tamo. i went there…


together with one of my bestfriends, david, my most cooperative bestfriend… when it comes to camwhoring. hahaha! we roamed around the groceries first, the first one was called choto stop but i can’t recall the name of the other one.


from the top we have an assortment of chocolates and candies, spices and ramen, and the cutest drinks… i absolutely adore the orange juice with the smiley. we ended up buying some flavored chocolate and strawberry bread cluster thingies. afterwards we had dinner at…


oishinbo … it means ‘the gourmet’ in japanese. we were welcomed with a barrage of irrashaimase, waitresses in yellow, the largest menu i couldn’t understand, and the fattest, most adorable maneki neko i have seen so far. the place was warm and full of jii sans… cute grandpas who keep smiling and bowing at you. hihihi.


ramen and sushi … mine’s called shouyu ramen, i have no idea what david’s was. what i remember though, was that the ramen was really good. the broth has that strong flavor, sobrang malasa, and the meat is real soft. we had sushi too, largest sushi pieces i’ve ever had… hindi nga kasya sa bibig ko. hahaha!


after eating, we proceeded taking pixxors of this photogenic place. had so much fun at little tokyo and would definitely come back. salamat sa pagsama saken, david. more adventures pa!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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