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excited na talaga kami ni maki sa hunger games movie since last year pa… and we were finally able to watch it yesterday! and since hunger games yung papanoorin namin we decided to go platinum at gateway mall…


globe platinum cinema … where we lounged on la-z-boys and the customer service were really nice. being able to watch a movie while lying down is so much better. saka, you’re not too close to anyone else kaya pwede umiyak! hahaha!


relaxed … the whole time. which… made me enjoy the movie even more. i’ve read the book before and i was pretty happy because they’ve only made slight deviations in the movie. even though i knew what was going to happen, i still found myself teary eyed with some of the scenes which were full of emotion… the reaping, the first few moments at the cornucopia, rue’s death, and the mob at district 11.

there are other things i liked… katniss was impressive, the way she shoots… focusing on the target, aligning the bow, the bow touching her lips, her fierce eyes… ozummm. the tributes’ costumes were cool too plus glimmer is really pretty.

it got me pondering din… na would really be possible to have such a ruthless contest like this? where everyone kills each other and the ultimate prize is being able to outlive everyone in the game… in the story, the game is actually a control tactic from the capital disguised as an event for honor, courage, and sacrifice. anyhoo, maki and i will definitely watch the next movie pero for now, happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

yun lang.

♥ melai


french macarons are one of the best things in life. they’re sweet, dainty, delicate,very very pretty things. they remind me of someone who’s so malambing… hihihi. anyhoo, since today is macaron day, i thought i’d have a few…


oh and i got them from bizu! hihihi. i’ve gotten vahlrhona chocolate, wind, blueberry, coffee, mango, lemon, rose lychee, and pistachio. they say i’m matakaw already with one box but… macarons just fill your very being with warm, fuzzy happiness. hihihi. happy macaron day!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’ve been eyeing little tokyo ever since my friend joey posted a picture of japanese goodies inside one of the groceries there. kasi nga, saltik ko daw ang cute. hahaha! at sa wakas…


i was finally able to set foot in little tokyo… it’s a small area of japanese restaurants, ktvs, and groceries along pasong tamo. i went there…


together with one of my bestfriends, david, my most cooperative bestfriend… when it comes to camwhoring. hahaha! we roamed around the groceries first, the first one was called choto stop but i can’t recall the name of the other one.


from the top we have an assortment of chocolates and candies, spices and ramen, and the cutest drinks… i absolutely adore the orange juice with the smiley. we ended up buying some flavored chocolate and strawberry bread cluster thingies. afterwards we had dinner at…


oishinbo … it means ‘the gourmet’ in japanese. we were welcomed with a barrage of irrashaimase, waitresses in yellow, the largest menu i couldn’t understand, and the fattest, most adorable maneki neko i have seen so far. the place was warm and full of jii sans… cute grandpas who keep smiling and bowing at you. hihihi.


ramen and sushi … mine’s called shouyu ramen, i have no idea what david’s was. what i remember though, was that the ramen was really good. the broth has that strong flavor, sobrang malasa, and the meat is real soft. we had sushi too, largest sushi pieces i’ve ever had… hindi nga kasya sa bibig ko. hahaha!


after eating, we proceeded taking pixxors of this photogenic place. had so much fun at little tokyo and would definitely come back. salamat sa pagsama saken, david. more adventures pa!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’ve had the tickets for a while but maki and i had other adventures so kahapon lang kami nakapunta sa…

manila ocean park

manila ocean park! first oceanarium here daw… hehehe. i guess it is a good thing to come here at around this time of the year as most students are about to take a break and there’s almost no school field trips being done.

manila ocean park
manila ocean park

we started with this marine life habitat thing featuring some lethargic south american sea lions. they’re like cats, they’d scratch themselves like one every now and then. they’d roll over and doze off like one too. so… i want a sea lion for my birthday!

manila ocean parkmanila ocean park

after that we moved on to the jellyfish area which they called jellies, dancing sea fairies. they’re really pretty to look at and they seem to be having the time of their life dancing to canon in d and getting colored light projected around them. i think the ones above look like rainbow lychees and the ones below are…

manila ocean parkmanila ocean park

rainbow pancakes … hahaha! sometimes they glue themselves flat on the glass and they look like pancakes kasi. anyhoo, nag-ikot ikot pa kami for a bit since we still had time before the other shows.

manila ocean park

big dome, no problem… get big bling bling chandelier. hahaha!

manila ocean park
manila ocean park

drove a jeepney and i had maki and some insects for passengers… before being booted off the jeepney by other drivers. hehehe! i think this was around where we bought souvenirs. i got a magnet fish and a keychain. when it was time we moved on to the

manila ocean park
manila ocean park

sea lion show. you’ve gotta love them, sea lions… the first one is lenie, who gives high fives… like a boss! while the second one is icis, who’s an expert at saluting and looking adorbs.

manila ocean park
manila ocean park

after the show, we moved on to the ocenarium which is divided in to sections. they have this sort of rainforest area,where we found a nice snoozing crocodile, who must be one of the richest ones in the world… he’s literally sleeping on money.

manila ocean park

we also found a drunk starfish. it must have had more than a few shots of tequila.

manila ocean park
manila ocean park

lakad lakad lang kami ni maki till we reached the area where they have underwater viewing… which is basically roving stingrays, bored sharks, and an assortment of giant fish inside the glass. outside the glass, are screaming toddlers, running toddlers, and people with cameras. hahaha!

manila ocean park

finally, we went to the musical fountain show… where they play music, send out colorful water jets in varying heights, and laser lights too. it was mostly a kids’ show but i find the water designs cool. and the best part is that the show reminds everyone how important the ocean is and that from it there is beauty, bounty, and blessings.

tapos… umuwi na kami ni maki. hahaha! salamat sa pagsama sakin, i had a great time, learned a lot about fish and other sea creatures, might not be eating fish for a while… but this was one nice adventure! pixxors were taken by maki and i, mostly maki… more here.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i found God

in the corner of 7th and 8th p. tuason… i work in one of the buildings there and there’s really no spectacular view as the area’s littered with odd structures. however, to one side of our building, you’d see a lit cross.

maybe it’s a sort of memo from God… in a way that it reminds me that even in the dark there’s that someone who’s always there for me and who would keep me safe, a reminder that i am loved.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: March 5, 2012


chocolate truffle

today i went to get a magnum… hindi yung robot ha, yung ice cream! it’s an ice cream bar that’s popular in other countries at buti nalang natripan nilang ibenta dito. packaging palang mukhang masarap na… hahaha!

i got the chocolate truffle one which is chocolate ice cream with chocolate coating. it was super rich and creamy. i love the chocolate coating too! it kind of snaps and melts in your mouth and you get that happy feeling. huzzah!

yun lang muna… gonna try the other ones soon!


almond … this one’s my favorite!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

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