Posted on: February 22, 2012

it has been years since i started going to the up fair. ito na naman yung isa sa mga part ng taon na magpapanggap akong taga up. hahaha! normally, non-up peeps would need to fall in line at main gates… twice. hahaha, kasi one is for buying tickets and the other line is to the entrance to the fair itself.

it would have been ok but the lines are extremely long, you’d lose your sanity in the middle of it. it’s a good thing that maki is an alumna and we always are able to get in to the fair easily. nyahaha! mabuhay ang mga engineers!


the mudness …  dahil maulan ng mga nakaraang araw, super putik ng sunken garden. it felt like walking on brown play doh. there were casualties, you know… hundreds of shoes… mostly white chucks and keds. hehehe. we walked slipped and slid around the booths though and we found…


fair treasures … well these are little gems to me… i bought this year’s ring, the thing costs like php300 at forever21 but the seller sold it to me for only php50. huzzah! then maki and i bought shirts from mightee everyday. they sell statement shirts that have sayings in excellent type art. finally, i found a lost bear.


himigsikan … we went to the fair on its last day and the theme was himigsikan. there were established bands such as parokya ni edgar, moonstar 88, updharmadown, and kamikazee… the ones i remember. there were two songs though that i literally stopped and listened to, senti and kundiman, my all time favorites. and here’s a shoutout to my friend jang, who went to himigsikan too and who texted me saying that she remembered me when they played kundiman.


mixed up … it was a sign near the rides and fun booths. maki and i don’t usually go near there but since we were with the rest of the engineering kids we did go there. the nice thing about it is there were a lot of cute boys. hahaha! we were eyeing the one above. the pixxor doesn’t do him justice though.


several math whizzes … these are some of the engineers we bumped into who know me already or whom i’ve met several times and whom maki does not need to explain why were friends and all. hahaha. from left ay si manny, lani, aileen, and maki. lani is the only person i know who does mental math like a calculator.


lots of math whizzes … these are the rest of the engineering kids who call me and maki…  ate! love them all, mostly when they’re calling me ate. parang ang cute ee. they were toddlers when i was in high school. lol.


a sweet ending … we chanced upon some cakes and we bought a slice each by the end of himigsikan, a nice way to end a long, muddy, musical, fun fun fun day. salamat sa pagsama lagi sa akin, maki… next year ulit!

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "himigsikan"

can we see each other next year? 🙂 yeah i did remember you!

sa fair? sigeee. pero maganda sana bonding naman sooner than next year. hihihi.

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