part one: piadina

Posted on: February 20, 2012

in life, you always have one of those friends na kahit san pa sila magpunta at kahit gaano pa katagal kayong hindi magkita but when you finally see each other it’s like you haven’t been apart naman.  i have several, and one of those is david. so six months later… nagkita na rin kami ulet! hahaha. he’s shared tons of new kwento with me but he’s still the same old david… makulit, matakaw, makwento.

david bought patrick along. ehem ehem. and since patrick wanted to buy crystals at robinsons galleria, we ended up having dinner there… in a vintage looking restaurant called piadina.


piadina … it looks warm here and there are cushy chairs and lovely vintage prints plus you can see the kitchen so you’d know that your food is safe, and the smells coming from it were good too.


gracious grace … their staff is super nice, i may add. that’s ate grace in the mirror taking our pixxor… she was very friendly to us and served us really nicely, you could keep asking her for parmesan and she would oblige.


this night’s lamon crew … i like the way patrick cozies up to a person instantly. we’ve only been friends for a few hours pero it was like i was talking to an old friend. apparently, david talks to him about me.

on the other hand, we ordered pizza cappo di tutti, which is paper thin pizza ; and pasta con polpette, it’s pasta with tons of spices, ozumm meatballs, and pita bread. para siyang spaghetti, only better! i really enjoyed our piadina dinner, food is always more enjoyable when shared with friends and loved ones, lalo na yung masarap kumain. we must come back soon and try out the rest. hihihi.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "part one: piadina"

More! more! more!

hahaha, sige eat out ulit tayuuu!

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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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