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so bumili ako ng tikoy for a sweet new year. at binili ko siya from…


polland … well, the polland hopia stall at the mall. the lady manning it was nice, she gave me a battered box with special tikoy and a big smile.


tikoy … here it is round and all. hahaha! what i like about it though is that it’s sturdy so you can cut it up into fun shapes. this year i made some…


stars … that’s one of them. hahaha, nag-enjoy naman ako sa tikoy na to parang project lang. anyhoo, we have a few more days of chinese new year celebrations, make sure you eat some tikoy.

yun lang.

♥ melai



water dragon … if you can’t see it please use firefox, other browsers tend to destroy my codes.

happy new year everyone! it’s the year of the water dragon! kaya naman blue siya, hahaha! the chinese characters are the ones used in mandarin so that’s kong hsi huat tsai. sana maging masaya at masagana ang new year nating lahat… yung maraming pagkain, bonding, at adventures! hihihi. i hope you liked my art too at wag kalimutang kumain ng tikoy!

yun lang.

♥ melai

maki and i have decided to have a food trip again. and we decided to go to so many places it seemed like a quest or maybe i’ve been reading too much rick riordan. hahaha! we decided to cancel banapple since lalamon naman kami sa banchetto… pero we dropped by pizza hut for lunch and i had…


chicken pesto penne and jumbo mozzarella sticks … which were good! i love pesto and fried coconut and cheese. pero matakaw lang talaga ako.



camera face … we goofed around. maki has several cameras… ako nalang yata walang slr ngayon. hehehe, need to practice more first! anyhoo, we watched sherlock homes which was a really good movie because if it weren’t good i would’ve felt down because banchetto had no more food when we arrived.


mango jelly shakes … ito nalang inabutan namin. i was expecting cakes and sweets and all. pero oks lang yun, it only means a bigger quest is coming soon!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i don’t usually cook my meals and most mornings, on the way to get breakfast, i’d find stray cats under cars or vans in the streets. sometimes when i’m in senseless mode, i play find the hidden kitteh… hahaha! it’s like find the hidden mickey but i look for the cats instead. i think the most i found was ten in two blocks. i have weird quirks like this but cats do make me smile, here’s some of what i found…


this one seems to like puzzles.


these two were lounging under a red car. ayaw magpapixxor nung isa eh. hahaha!


this one was warming up on the grass. a softie!


this one was warming up on the cement. a toughie!


and these two looked like bestfriends!

yun lang.

♥ melai

my sister and i used to have matching clothes when we were young and guess what… we received matching abercrombie and fitch polo shirts for christmas. hahaha!



abercrombie and fitch … my dad loves this brand, i’ve seen the brand logo all over his luggage. i’m really happy with how nice and soft my polo is, and the colors remind me of flowing water… but there’s too much fake shirts here, most people would think these were fakes too… just like what they did to those toms shoes that are selling in the streets. the real toms look like these by the way. don’t get me wrong though, i’m not a big fan of branded stuff… save for hp and converse but i’m never a fan of fake stuff.


not really my twin … but from afar, we kind of look like one. it’s usually fun when people would ask who’s who and who is older. it’s cute too when some people do a double take and would ask if we we’re twins. this happened a lot more when we were kids.


can you guess which one’s melaikick? hahaha. highlight through if you can’t guess… the last pixxor is me.

before going back to the states, our dad decided to have an eat out with some of our cousins… yeah well, eat out isn’t really the correct word because they’re like huge, i mean tall, muscular, bulky… see pixxor below. hahaha.


sons … they could have been my dad’s sons, hahaha! that’s my dad and two of my male cousins, kuya pat… i like the kuya part, it makes me feel younger. lol. he’s a year older than me and paul, he used to be just a small kid when i was in college, now he’s taller than me!


daughters … that’s my sister, me, and dad again. we turned out to be small, thin, and slightly underweight… but if this wasn’t jay-js and it was say, a patisserie, i’d have devoured so much like my cousins. hahaha, i did say i like cakes.


at jay-j’s … this was before those two tables were completely filled with food. usually, when it’s dad treating us, we could order anything we liked… this does not even include his own food orders. the waiter was telling him that he’d ordered too much food. hahaha! first time i ever heard a waiter say that. this was a nice eat out with family… hadn’t had one in years. hopefully we could have some more soon. anyhoo, we ended up in a food coma afterwards.

yun lang.

♥ melai


january … if you cannot see it please use firefox. other browsers tend to destroy my codes.

i’ve decided to make a typography art for every month for this year so here’s the one for january! i thought it should be sparkly and glittery. gold seems to be a pretty color naman. i also feel that it’s a nice way to start the year with something bright… gonna have a bright month!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.