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max had her baby shower last last sunday… at since hindi ko kilala like ninety eight percent of the guests, lol, i played with her cousins! i like kids specially the cute ones. anyway, super kulit ng mga batang to, parang mga kiti-kiti. hahaha! but i was able to make them hold the illustration board and pose. oha oha!


all children are a gift from God. di pa naman ako magulang but i’ve experienced that warm fuzzy feeling with some kids in my life. minsan talaga, nakakawala pa ng pagod… well, wag lang silang masobrahan sa asukal. hahaha!


kulit one, two, and three. wala na yatang mas kukulit pa kesa sa tatlong to. from left… sheena, jas, and iwa. tingin ko mana sila kay max.

yun lang. God bless you all!

♥ melai

after our chocolate kiss merienda, maki and i headed to the up theater for the miss engineering pageant. this is sort of a culminating activity for the up engineering week. it’s a contest where guys pretend to be girls and wear bikinis and gowns, just like in a real beauty contest.


first time ko sa miss eng! hahaha! and this year’s theme is eng’gchanted. the stage had towers on each side… for princesses to come out of. hihihi.


here’s the ticket and uh, i was wearing shorts… this is something i like in up, they let their students wear comfy clothing. going back to the ticket, this one was courtesy of my maki’s friend aileen. thank you very much! i love engineers!


the show started with a blast! they showed a short documentary of the contestants… kung papano nila tinago yung alam mo na, hehehe. take note, these are all straight young men. gays are not allowed to join, so i’m told. tapos kung sino daw yung gusto nilang patulan among the contestants. too funny! they were also introduced and had a dance number… there was snow white, tinkerbell, princess jasmine, even the red queen! but since i’m with maki, who’s a member of the ge club or the geodetic engineering club, siyempre ang bet ko ay si cinderella! he’s the ge representative. here o…


ang cutee niya, from the top, you see him in his character dress, the shoes are so shiny! ; then swimwear, ang kinis kinis po ng pwet nya. hahahah! ; next is the talent portion where he danced to bubble pop by hyuna, i’m not a big fan of hyuna but i like bubble pop now. ang galing niyang sumayaw, his is the only performance wherein the backup dancers didn’t steal the light. ; after that is the evening gown, ang bagal ng lakad niya, walking in sky high cinderella heels is no mean feat, but he got the award for best evening gown! so pretty! ; and of course, the question and answer part! sa tingin ko, he had the wittiest answer of all, but this part only accounts for a small part of the scores.


third runner up! he was ever so graceful and smiled a lot. i think he deserved the crown. in the end, i knew the ge club were happy, which is an understatement kasi they were screaming at the top of their lungs, and proud of their cinderella.


attack of the engineers! maki and i milled around with a few more of her engineering friends. sobrang nag-enjoy ako, next year ulit. more pixxors here!

yun lang.

♥ melai

maki and i decided to have merienda at chocolate kiss cafe before going to the miss engineering pageant. i’ve been to bahay ng alumni before for a school event but this is the first time i’m going to eat at the resto. gusto ko yung pangalan niya… it sounded like kissing chocolate eclairs.


we went up to the second floor where chocolate kiss has a cozy nook. you’d be greeted by cakes and twinkly lights. their staff were too busy. there were a number of people, good sign yun, i thought.


maki and menu … the cafe’s pretty menu was simple, a square folded to make a triangle with circles intertwined on the print. mahilig sila sa shapes, hahaha! di ko alam bat napapansin ko to. anyhoo, we ordered iced tea, piglets, and devil’s food cake…


om nom nom … so uh, i found the iced tea interesting, you mix it yourself! so eun, di naman nasurprise si maki sa dami ng honey na nilagay ko. the seeds from the acid orange… calamansi in english, hahahah! …were giving me a difficult time though. they kept getting stuck in the straw. maki’s such an expert with this iced tea, she didn’t have any trouble at all.

i ordered the piglets because they were called that. lol. they were sausages wrapped in bacon, not too greasy and the dip is great! i wish they’d have something named after bears though. bigger meat please, kind chocolate kiss cafe ma’am or sir?

finally, we had cake. and of course, i’m a big cake fan. maki’s recommended the devil’s food cake… which is actually heavenly. it has some chocolate filling in the middle, sort of makes it different from other cakes and the frosting’s like fluffy frothy sugar. ahihi, babalik daw kami ni maki dito, can’t wait to try the other cakes!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai


what is the use of running if we are on the wrong side? direction is more important than speed. there’s someone really close to my heart who’s using this quote and i’ve been meaning to use this picture years ago… sige na nga, kinuha ko to nung april 2008. wahahaha. kumusta naman… and i’m particularly fond of the shoes, they’re my first pair of chucks! so ayan kinalabasan!

i guess it means that as long as we have goals and as long as we pursue those goals then it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get there… ilang miles per hour kaya ako? hehehe.  i do have a few things i want to accomplish in life…pero saken nalang yun! on the other hand, minsan i take the quote literally. i don’t really have good direction skillz, ako na naliligaw sa mall. lol. but you know, i used to ask him for directions, yung mga pasikot sikot kung saan, and has never failed me.

so there, i hope you liked my art.

yun lang.

♥ melai


the sky is the limit … this is what i want to be able to tell my future kids when we go out. hehehe. anyhoo, i’ve been trying to take cloud pixxors for the past week and all we had here were cirrus patches which weren’t what i was looking for… until yesterday, when there were some fat cumulus ones hanging low, which were perfect.

ayun, headed to the rooftop and aimed at the sky… this is actually inspired by an email from an old manager, before he left work, which had the following “if people respect you, they will listen. so be better tomorrow than you are today. the better you are the greater your value will be… no matter what the cost is, keep growing and learning.”

i’m a big fan of this manager, he’s kind, witty, not to mention super gwapo. hahaha. he’s the first person to recognize that i like art even if we deal with mathematics and numbers everyday. he must have meant a lot of things here but from what i understand , i think it means that we all have potential… sky high. that we just need to believe in ourselves and work on it.

this really inspired me, there’s a lot of things that i want to get better at, cooking for instance, although i make edible things nao. hahaha. eun, sana nagustuhan nyuuu. i’ll try to be better with my art din.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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