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i forgot to post this. lol. it’s been a while since i made a doodle. yes, i can doodle… but it had to be on a starbucks cup. hehehe.


a happy cup! i started it at home with no theme in mind… unfortunately, bawal ang lapis at papel sa work so i didn’t have a lot of time to finish it, dinala ko nalang sa gig nila miming. which was actually a good decision because it was so much better working with music in the background. i used a 2h pencil and a pen 68 marker.

i was thinking of ninjas and shurikens… dunno why i added a sun, he seems to be eating the cloud thing i placed in there. oh well. i had a happy time finishing this at starbucks though, the guard was watching me and was looking interested or maybe he just wanted to know what i’ll do with all that eraser dust i accumulated on the table. hehehe. so eun, happy cup is happy!

yun lang.

♥ melai


forget me not

forget me not … please view with firefox if you can’t see it, other browsers destroy my codes.

we were talking about alaska… somehow the conversation went to alaska and it reminded me of the state’s flower. hindi pa naman ako nakakarating doon but i used to receive postcards that featured forget-me-nots from a relative who lived there.

ang sabi nila ito daw ang bulaklak na sinusuot ng mga dalaga kapag ayaw nilang makalimutan ng mga taong mahal nila. eh kaya lang wala namang ganyan dito… so yan nalang. hehehe. i think it’s a pretty flower though, it keeps holding on even in the cold and its blue gives out a sense of dependability (o baka ako lang… i like colors). i guess it’s a faithful flower.

yun lang. don’t forget me.

♥ melai

i thought i’d do something that involved paper, words, and colors… pero gusto ko lang talagang gamitin yung bagong paintbrush ko. hehehe. so eun, i cut out some paper tags, chose some pretty words and painted them on the tags…. afterwards i hung them outside. here they are…

your memory remains in my heart forever.

music is the door to the soul.

love was found here.

if you want to be happy, be.

dance dance dance till we run this town!

where dwell the brave at heart.

life is full of beauty.

i had lots of fun making these and they’ve made very happy …and hopefully people will spot them and smile.

yun lang.

♥ melai

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