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what i thought would have been one of my happiest birthdays turned out to be one of the saddest. i had plans, i usually do… but something had happened and i’d decided not to push through with those plans… pakiramdam ko boss fight na talaga yung birthday ko. ang hirap pala mag-isip matapos masira yung mga plano.

i wore my favorite red dress and heels that morning… i had to slave off say around 6.5 hours–of my birthday–although my team mates made me feel so much better spamming glorious pictures of cakes and they even waited for me for lunch.

the commute home was uneventful… nagpahinga lang ako ng konti pagkauwi ko pagkatapos nagdecide na kong imeet si maki. i decided to forego the dress and wear an old red shirt, shorts, at ang mahiwagang bota ni ms. montano. hahaha. that’s what miming calls my red boots. grabe, i’m talking about what i wore. ganyan siya kalungkot. lol. i think maki was amused with the boots though. birthday ko, suot ko trip ko. hehehe.

nakakatuwa naman kase si shane din pumunta… wala rin pala siyang plano. sabay nga kasi kami ng birthday. we horked down pasta, something i’d had wanted for my birthday since the first of july and engrossed ourselves in a bit of window shopping. i loved this part because we get to go to so many fancy shops and… annoy the sales ladies. when shane left, nanood na kami ni maki ng captain america. it was fun pointing out parts where chris evans’ head weren’t proportionate to his body double… but hey… ang gwapo pa rin nya!

e bakit parang masaya? i admit i was distracted for a while… pero nung umalis si maki, nalungkot na naman ako. naalala naman niya ako and he greeted me. but i wish i saw him. i was awake till 12 midnight kasi ako nga si cindermelai eh, kaya lang walang tagasuot nung bota ko. haha. if only things had been different… kaya lang dumating na nga yung hating-gabi. tapos na yung birthday ko…

so kumuha nalang ako ng kutsilyo at…


melaicake … it’s my birthday cake! a gift from maki. hehehe. oks ba! i would like to thank all those who greeted me, those who remembered, to all my friends and loved ones… 26 years na ko sa earth! i labshu all!

yun lang.

♥ melai


kaseeee… matapos ang matagal na paghahibernate ni david, nagkita na rin kaming muli! wahahaha! it’s been half a year or more since we last met. for some weird reason, we found time to see each other… and that in itself is already a miracle.

for those who don’t know david, he’s one of my bestfriends. we’ve known each other since second grade and yes, he was the boy who always beat me at academics. oh and his mom loves me. hahaha.

we met at a mcdonalds somewhere along ayala. i guess that’s another miracle because i did not get lost. plus 100 directions skillz, yes?  i found him reading one of those heavy sexuality film cherva manuscripts. he’s a film student by the way… eherm, direk?


mulling over mcdo food … what i like most about conversations with david is that we talk about our dreams and obstacles that we have overcome or are trying to overcome. old happy memories and future plans. we talk about life and the choices that we make in a non-serious and funny way. sarap kausap ni david.


banoffee … we decided to cap things off with banoffee pie from the nearby starbucks. and uh,  we had some serious talk… we talked about the pie. hahaha! so eun, had a real good time with an old friend. sana naman magkita kita na tayong lahat nila maki at shane… sana hindi after ten million years, direk. hehehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai


Posted on: July 5, 2011

my boss gave me some stickers and old colored paper lying around the office. hahaha, parang kids lang. i thought i’d play with the facebook tag thing again. kasi diba makikita mo yung last five pixxors na nakatag sayo. nung una kase naghello ako… so hehe, eun made some cut outs, camwhored, and tagged myself.


anyhoo, if you’re interested the font is called monkey love at kung medyo bulag din kayong tulad ko, here are the pixxors that i used…


chose the word love and added an exclamation point… dahil in love ako? baka nga. i love… paper! hahaha! love is such a complex word and could mean so many things at baka humaba pa tong post na to if i expounded on that. essay yun kung essay! so bilang pangwakas nalang, sabi nga ni rico abelardo… manatiling masaya at higit sa lahat magpatuloy sa pagmamahal, kkk?

yun lang.

♥ melai

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