the mark

Posted on: May 7, 2011

so uh, i just noticed pain in my right hand and arm recently and as i was resting it on a pillow and i noticed it…


spot the difference … that’s the mark on my dominant right hand and there’s none on my left hand.

di ko na maalala kung sino yung nagtanong sakin kung meron din daw ako nito at kung gamer daw ako. si baku yata yun. anyhoo, i’ve researched a bit about this… enter professor melaikick! hehe. it’s actually called frictional hyperpigmented lichenified dermatosis… a.k.a. the mark. nyahaha! it happens due to prolonged use of the computer mouse… in a way that the wrist rubs on the table. yehey!

i just got really curious about it as some (elitist?) gamers consider it as a special brand… lol. but i’m no gamer though, kuntento na ko sa plants versus zombies. so eun… have you got the mark too?

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "the mark"

waaaah frictional hyperpigmented lichenified dermatosis! ang lalim. 😀 love you melai! miss you. dont stay too long online kasi.

ahahaha! labshuu and misshuuu, jang. eh subsob din ako sa pc sa trabaho… kailan kayo bibisita?

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