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err… and then i realized that my name had maria in it. lol. di naman ako mangagayuma much less make one. hahaha! maki’s found this little restaurant in v. luna though… and it is called exactly that. at dahil lablab ako ng bestfriend kong ito, she invited me ulit sa isang lamunan session.

i thought it was really interesting at siyempre kahit bumabagyo, gora naman ako. hahaha. maki had been up all day though, they’d been buying big bang stuff since morning… eh i met them at around past seven in the evening. i saw both of them with loads of kpop candy and looking tired pero buti nalang game pa rin silang kumain. aba, gusto ko talagang… magayuma.

the place wasn’t really difficult to find, even for someone with bad direction skills like me. it was sort of an old fashioned house with pink walls, flowy draperies, and mellow lights. there was this nice quote on one of the walls, forget love i’d rather fall in chocolate. pwede, but i thought it’d be sticky. hehehe.

anyhoo, i chose the food maki was talking about the past week, which, had gotten me all curious about gayuma…


holding hands while walking may paswing swing pa … a.k.a hhwwpssp. ok so, it’s classic chicken strips, which were good pero natuwa talaga ako dun sa rice. it’s shaped like a boob. i’d highly recommend ordering extra rice. *wink wink* maki and shane ordered cross my heart, which is almost like hhwwpssp but with a different kind of sauce and asparagus shaped like a cross. but this is what really made my night…

beats sex anyday

beats sex anyday … it’s one of the nicest chocolate cake i’ve had. pano? kasi busog na busog na ko dun sa hhwwpssp, but i still managed to finish this cake and maki tells me it was a big slice. nice waitress is nice. hehehe. it’s kind of like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate cake. it was really soft… and oh yeah, i was eating a part of my friends’ cakes too. ang takaw ko! but it was really good i thought na…

beats sex anyday nga!

it beats sex anyday nga … although sabi nila, it’s better with sex! i think so too! wahahaha! maki wasn’t supposed to take a picture kaya lang sabi niya ang galing ko daw at naubos ko yung cake. there were other nicely named food such as forbidden love or secret lovers. there’s even one that’s called please be careful with my heart. oha oha!

aside from food, there were knickknacks at the side of the restaurant and guess what these are? they sell stuff which has something to do with love making and it could be as subtle as dices with things to do or straws with uh… penises (these look cute). but they have really obvious stuff like phallic symbols and books about them too.

ngayon kung gusto nyo rin na magayuma… gayuma ni maria lifestyle restaurant and bar is located at 123 v. luna road ext. sikatuna village, quezon city. punta ulit tayo maki and shane? hehehe! ang sarap nyo talaga kasama kumain!

yun lang.

♥ melai

the mark

Posted on: May 7, 2011

so uh, i just noticed pain in my right hand and arm recently and as i was resting it on a pillow and i noticed it…


spot the difference … that’s the mark on my dominant right hand and there’s none on my left hand.

di ko na maalala kung sino yung nagtanong sakin kung meron din daw ako nito at kung gamer daw ako. si baku yata yun. anyhoo, i’ve researched a bit about this… enter professor melaikick! hehe. it’s actually called frictional hyperpigmented lichenified dermatosis… a.k.a. the mark. nyahaha! it happens due to prolonged use of the computer mouse… in a way that the wrist rubs on the table. yehey!

i just got really curious about it as some (elitist?) gamers consider it as a special brand… lol. but i’m no gamer though, kuntento na ko sa plants versus zombies. so eun… have you got the mark too?

yun lang.

♥ melai

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