Posted on: March 1, 2011

the past weeks had been stressful and today had been most difficult, with several setbacks…  i rode the train home and i looked at my reflection from the train’s window, what i saw was a faltering spirit. i felt extremely lost and alone.

how nice would it be if we could escape every bad thing that happens to us. if only we could…

fly … away from our troubles? i thought i’d go to our building’s rooftop and look at the sky, just to take my mind off things… and then after some thinking (and paper cutting for that matter), i realized that this is just a test of my strength. i’ve been through grief and trials before and i know i’m going to be able to fly through these tribulations i’m experiencing now.

yun lang. lilipad lilipad takure!

♥ melai


2 Responses to "fly"

i love this post. it really would be nice to just shed the burdens we have on our shoulders, spread our wings and fly far, far away.

the (traditional) chinese word for fly is fei [飛]. maybe you could get a henna of it next time. i know that if you have wings, you will make a beautiful angel. ^_^

thank you so much my darling li.

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