bite me

Posted on: February 21, 2011

yesterday started out really badly… a major dslam was down in cincinnati causing around twenty thousand people to lose or slow down their internet connection and call us. lolz. that meant being yelled at by severely frustrated people (who badly need their pr0n… hehehe joke lang.)

so sobrang masaya ako nung maglog-out ako. the thing is one of miming’s bandmates, lee, was stuck outside of miming’s unit and i had to help him. it was fairly easy for me to ask help from our condominium administrators before… (smiling and looking sad, wahahahaha!) pero it took us a very long time because of miming’s meddling neighbor.

at bilang pangwakas, my own fat cat bit me! i think he thought that i was giving him away when i carried him. lee was so kind, he gave me first aid and i think na-miss nya yung practice nya with moonlight avery. waaah! we went to the local hospital for further treatment… so eun, hello anti-rabies vaccines! hello another survivor edition.

bite, bandage, and skin test

but you know, after these series of unfortunate events, meron din namang magandang kinalabasan. there are actually nice customers who understand that they are talking to a human being as well on the other side, who cannot perform magic. ; i’ve gained a new friend, lee. ; at sa panahon ng krisis, andyan talaga yung mga taong nagmamahal sayo eh. i want to thank my sister and her hubby lorenze. hehehe. ; si max at si maki na nataranta and they helped as well… and for those who texted but couldn’t come. maraming salamat.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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