hiroyuki san

Posted on: February 1, 2011

napapaisip tuloy ako, kahit marami akong pagsubok na hinaharap sa buhay ngayon, marami pa ring mga biyaya. hehe. oha! please meet my new kitteh…

teh handsome kitteh! say hello to hiroyuki san! i chose that name because it meant vast happiness. one of my wavemates, kuya je, who happens to have a growing collection of floor mops and feather dusters… este, mga pusa pala, gave him to me.

sabi ni kuya je, he’s a mix of persian and angora… but as long as he’s fat and furry and cute, i’m happy. i think he looks like a dapper young cat with that bowtie though. hehehe. anyhoo, one year old na siya and he’s extremely attached to kuya je, i had a hard time bringing him home. he was sulking all the way tapos natatakot din siya sa mga tunog ng sasakyan.

he’s been with me for a few days already, i think he’s still trying to adjust… at ako rin, i’m not used to dealing with poop. lol. on the other hand, lagi siyang naglalambing, laging nagpapahaplos, and his weak spot is his neck. matakaw din siya, he keeps eating every now and then. oh yes, that means bigger poop. waaaah. but i’m going to take care of yuki, we’re going to have adventures too!

on a side note, i have two mimings now. hihi. happeeeeeh!

yun lang,

♥ melai


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