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so hindi pa ko nakontento sa loverage ng up fair. nyohoho! maki and i went to the upsurge concert too! i went mainly because i was really intrigued by tanya markova and it was sugarfree’s last up fair gig. upsurge was being presented by an engineering fraternity and since i’m tagging along with an engineer… hehehe. we didn’t have to fall in line at the entrance and we had backstage passes too! hyeah!

maki and i did a bit of preliminaries, aba, kailangang magdinner noh. ahaha! i was finally able to eat shawarma rice and those orange eggs! i am banned from buying street food, so i was happy to find them at the up fair. maki had gotten me a nice lego ring and we had henna done too. i always had mine done in chinese characters and this year it was this…

strong … that’s what it means. i had to and still have to be strong emotionally at sa pagharap na rin sa araw araw na pagsubok. choz! on a side note, the kuya who did my henna had light hands which were unusually soft… but he was kind of manyak. nyahahaha!

upsurge … i was finally able to see tanya markova perform. ang galing nila, naadik kaya ako sa disney at picture picture. oh, and i finally found out that iwa motors is a guy. hehehe. tapos marami pang banda ang tumugtog, the ones i remember are pedicab and callalily and of course, giniling festival kasi maki was excited to see them.

there were games too… lol. since we were backstage, we were asked if we wanted to join the game kaya lang it was a game where you blow up frenzy condoms. nyahahahaha! we all politely declined. at sa wakas sugarfree na! it was their last performance at the up fair. the best song they sang, para sakin ha, was also their last song, tulog na. the part by the end of the song, maraming salamat, tayo’y magkikitang muli was exceptionally touching… you can see it for yourself here.

it was a really great night, reminded me of first meetings and final goodbyes… ganyang mga alaala ang masarap itago sa puso. so eun, next year ulit, ha? sana makasama ko na kayo miming and max.

yun lang.

♥ melai


it’s my third time to go to the up fair… ang swerte ko nalang kasi maki was able to buy tickets already at hindi na namin kailangang pumila ng mahaba unlike the past years. at siyempre sinulit ko ang rest days ko para magpuyat at tumayo ng matagal sa sunken garden. hahaha! went to the loverage and upsurge (which will be in another post) concerts.

tickets and stamp … na pag di mo sinabon ng mabuti, hindi matatanggal. hahaha! anyhoo, before heading to the fair itself, tumambay muna ako sa … teka di ko alam yung name nung building but maki says it belongs to the geodetic engineering department, tama ba maki? it’s near law building, yes, the one with the bling bling! lol.

attack of teh engineers … more pixxors nicked from here … ahm, sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon sa buhay ko, nakakita ako ng sandamakmak na engineers at future engineers ng earth. maliligalig silang kabataan. i tested the title with my name… engineer carmelle montano. but maki just reiterated how i hated math and physics. nyahahaha!

so eun moving on… tanya markova was playing when we entered the sunken garden. di ko pa sila kilala, i thought iwa motors is a girl. hahaha! ikot ikot lang kami ni maki sa fair, and i didn’t pay much attention to the other bands except for the ones maki lectured me on like pedicab. i was generally happy to see myrene, though. she’s the imago and sandwich bassist. i thought she was really pretty.

ikot ikot with nam a.k.a. maki … sabi ko nga, we just roamed around the tents and ogled the big stuffed dolls that were up for grabs in booths… i badly wanted that gigantic patrick star doll… kasize ko yata yun. tapos more engineering students, ay… lots of engineering students pala! it was so nice to see people who reminded me of school and who had nothing to do with call centers. hehehe.

we waited till kamikazee was playing followed by parokya. yup. i was completely satisfied after that. tapos umuwi na kami ni maki, my feet hurt from all that walking and standing but i was extremely happy. my sentimental self of course ticked the loverage ticket on my corkboard. and with a great big smile i dived into my loving bed.

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

yesterday started out really badly… a major dslam was down in cincinnati causing around twenty thousand people to lose or slow down their internet connection and call us. lolz. that meant being yelled at by severely frustrated people (who badly need their pr0n… hehehe joke lang.)

so sobrang masaya ako nung maglog-out ako. the thing is one of miming’s bandmates, lee, was stuck outside of miming’s unit and i had to help him. it was fairly easy for me to ask help from our condominium administrators before… (smiling and looking sad, wahahahaha!) pero it took us a very long time because of miming’s meddling neighbor.

at bilang pangwakas, my own fat cat bit me! i think he thought that i was giving him away when i carried him. lee was so kind, he gave me first aid and i think na-miss nya yung practice nya with moonlight avery. waaah! we went to the local hospital for further treatment… so eun, hello anti-rabies vaccines! hello another survivor edition.

bite, bandage, and skin test

but you know, after these series of unfortunate events, meron din namang magandang kinalabasan. there are actually nice customers who understand that they are talking to a human being as well on the other side, who cannot perform magic. ; i’ve gained a new friend, lee. ; at sa panahon ng krisis, andyan talaga yung mga taong nagmamahal sayo eh. i want to thank my sister and her hubby lorenze. hehehe. ; si max at si maki na nataranta and they helped as well… and for those who texted but couldn’t come. maraming salamat.

yun lang.

♥ melai

since napakacheesy ko na daw, i decided not to do anything heart themed for valentine’s day. i wanted something sensible at para maiba na rin, kasi i’m pretty sure na puro ‘i love you’ ang bukambibig ng mga tao ngayon. hehehe. so here’s my way of saying i love you on this day…

a hot cup of love

i dropped by the local starbucks to get some brewed coffee to hand to you guys but “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.” ahihi, this is also dedicated to my ever-handsome-three-thirty-am-on-the-dot-sweet-smile inspiration (see,cheese balls. hahaha!) i hope i made you smile. happy valentines day!

yun lang.

♥ melai

chasing butterflies

chasing butterflies

i won’t ever have a garden since i live in an mdu but i can have butterflies around. i made it from scrap paper and a bit of patience. hehe. kind of a distraction na rin, from all the difficulties i’m facing now… and butterflies are a symbol of change. parang transition days lang sa work, magbabago din ang lahat.

i have got a funny way of coping, eh kesa naman drugs! nyahahaha. biro lang! i had fun doing this, might do some more soon but for now, i’m off to those pretty blossoms. wheeeee~

yun lang.

♥ melai

it’s the first day of the chinese new year celebrations! yehey! kong hsi huat tsai! it’s the year of the rabbit at alam naman ng earth na espesyal sa puso ko ang mga rabbit. lol. at para maging mas espesyal pa, i cooked some tikoy which i’m going to share of course.

presenting ‘some bunny loves you ube tikoy ala melai‘, siyempre kailangan cute yung tikoy. aba mahirap yatang gawing hugis rabbit ang tikoy no. hehehe, i’m into mixed art media and i thought it’d be nicer to look at anyway instead of just being strips. nom nom nom…

tapos, di dapat mawala ang pinakamahal kong rabbit sa lahat…

bading and me and good things this new year! for those who don’t know, bading is the name of my stuffed rabbit… long story, lolz. so eun, i wish you guys happiness, good health, and prosperity … sending you some love too! happy new year!

yun lang.

♥ melai

napapaisip tuloy ako, kahit marami akong pagsubok na hinaharap sa buhay ngayon, marami pa ring mga biyaya. hehe. oha! please meet my new kitteh…

teh handsome kitteh! say hello to hiroyuki san! i chose that name because it meant vast happiness. one of my wavemates, kuya je, who happens to have a growing collection of floor mops and feather dusters… este, mga pusa pala, gave him to me.

sabi ni kuya je, he’s a mix of persian and angora… but as long as he’s fat and furry and cute, i’m happy. i think he looks like a dapper young cat with that bowtie though. hehehe. anyhoo, one year old na siya and he’s extremely attached to kuya je, i had a hard time bringing him home. he was sulking all the way tapos natatakot din siya sa mga tunog ng sasakyan.

he’s been with me for a few days already, i think he’s still trying to adjust… at ako rin, i’m not used to dealing with poop. lol. on the other hand, lagi siyang naglalambing, laging nagpapahaplos, and his weak spot is his neck. matakaw din siya, he keeps eating every now and then. oh yes, that means bigger poop. waaaah. but i’m going to take care of yuki, we’re going to have adventures too!

on a side note, i have two mimings now. hihi. happeeeeeh!

yun lang,

♥ melai

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