sailor senshi

Posted on: December 6, 2010

whoever started that campaign against violence on children by posting cartoons from our childhood in facebook… well, nagtagumpay naman siya kahit papano. hehehe. so i decided to change my profile picture to miaka yuuki from fushigi yuugi since marami kaming mga alaala ng mga kaklase ko sa anime na yun. also, my drawing style is somewhat similar.

kaya lang, jen, one of my clasmates posted this on my wall…

ako daw si ami mizuno … nyahahaha! nung nasa elementary palang ako, sikat na sikat yung anime na sailor moon and my classmates had designated me as sailor mercury. ahm, hindi ako genius noh pero i was the resident bookworm. so eun, i changed my profile pic into ami mizuno. but anyhoo, this really made me want to draw again, sailor moon style. so, i’ve already done sailor mercury. i’m currently working on sailor moon for my other friend and old classmate, grace ; and of course, sailor mars for jen. here goes…

ami mizuno by melaikick

i can haz drawing skillz, yes? did you know that ami or sailor mercury is the soldier of love and exams? hehehe. i had a hard time with her sailor fuku so i didn’t line it entirely but i enjoyed drawing the rest of her face and hands. oha oha! mercury power make-up!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

12/17/2010 … ehehehe. super delayed na to, busy melai is busy. o ito naman para kay grace…

usagi tsukino by melaikick

i can haz drawing skillz pa ren, yes? sino bang hindi nakakakilala kay sailormoon? i had a hard time lining her hair but i’m kind of happy with the results especially the eyes. wheeeee~! moon crystal power make-up!

yun lang muna ulit.

♥ melai

1/5/2011 … sa wakas bigas! i can haz drawing skillz… again, yes? took me a while to finish this. dami nigagawa sa work eeh. it’s rei hino, and it’s dedicated to jen.

rei hino by melaikick

rei is actually my favorite sailormoon character now… she’s smexy and i kind of like the fact that she has jet black hair that doesn’t seem to curl… same as mine. hihihi. i focused on her eyes though. mars crystal power make-up!

so eun, i finally finished this post. thanks so much for the inspiration, jen and grace.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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