the hunger games trilogy

Posted on: December 2, 2010

flying to freedom … there are just some books that you can’t put down. maswerte ako dahil pinahiram ako ni maki ng mga librong ito. tenks maki! i devoured each book overnight. grabe, marerealize ko nalang na umaga na pala. lol. before anything else though, this isn’t a review. di ako nagrereview ng books and what not dito sa melaikick, just sharing some thoughts. kekeke?

the first book is called the hunger games and we’d meet the heroes of course, katniss and peeta. and they survive their first hunger games in that book. the second is catching fire, where they sort of have a victory tour which ends up in chaos and a war starts. and the third one, mockinjay, wherein katniss leads everyone to defeat the enemy and end the war.

so i was reading the books at a time when i was being kept down by the unjust use of one’s authority. kakaiba talaga ang mga monsters sa buhay ko, although this one wasn’t as smart as the others, it pole dances and has an ugly bald head. hehehe! dinedescribe ko lang, do not scold me! (this is an inside joke, dear readers, mwah.) ayun, feeling ko tuloy para akong si katniss, yung bida sa trilogy. all throughout the story, she was fighting hardships and oppression… fighting to stay alive.

sa bandang huli, katniss was successful and it kind of inspired me. i’m still on my way and everyday i am fighting to survive. and everyday, life gets better and better. in case you’re wondering, i’ve already defeated that monster that i mentioned though, i consider it one of my personal triumphs. hehehe! but going back, what i’ve learned can be summarized from this line in mockingjay, “the promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. that it can be good again.”

so eun, if you haven’t read these books, and uh… just in case meron din kayong kinakalabang mga monsters, hehehe, this is ozummmm.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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super like ^^

awwwww. thanks beb!

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