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wrap! twenty and ten was an extremely crazy year. there were lots of fun moments and there were setbacks too. but here are some high lights of my year.

some people left, some stayed by my side, others came back…and new ones came! … the significant people i met this year were marv and joey ; si sweetheart dave at neechan jories ;  lani and baneee, sabi ko naman eh, masarap ang chicharong bulaklak ; my little siopao ; my new mom ; at siyempre, my big siopao! sino siya at gaano kaimportante? hehehe, makikilala niyo rin siya… importante? let’s just say na siya ang wallpaper sa cellphone at desktop ko. nyahahaha!

but there are people i’m missing so badly … paris, hugot muna. ilibre mo na ko dahil nanjan ka na daw sa fonality. hehehe. ; jang… nasan na yung party? diyan nalang tayo sa fieldwork chenes mo. hehehe. ; may-anne and cha, pretty little dolls, master melai misses you pati yung pet nyong si karlo, ahahaha. but anyhoo, no matter where life takes you… dito lang ako, lol.

i tried my hand at business but… nyahahaha. ahm, and i found out i was better off at the art department. at dun nga ako nagfocus ng lakas nalang. it’s the best outlet for me. my font collection is growing! at kaya ko palang gumawa ng mga bagay bagay. when i get compliments from the stuff i modded, mostly the rings, sobrang masaya ako. ah honga pala, i got back into reading, share nyo naman books niyo saken. kung music naman, i was given a guitar for my birthday, sana po magkaroon lang ng patience yung mga nagtuturo sakin. and finally, i enjoyed dancing for a bit din. got a swollen rib but i got to wear shorts to work. hehehe.

i had a crazy hater … at take note, crazy is an understatement. ok lang, mabilis naman ang karma niya. isang one time big time karma pa. sa akin ang huling halakhak. muhahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahaha!

i won a raffle … hahahaha! oh yes, and endless teasing and patting on the head. ok… so i won this at work and it’s a spa pampering package. i win weird stuff at raffles and it reminded me of the spa thingy we had at tagaytay during one of my birthdays. gonna share it with max since miming’s too finicky about girl stuff. o bebs, kelan tayo magpapalibag? wahahaha.

a bit of happiness … yung paglabas namin nila maki at max… sama na rin si miming kahit paminsan minsan lang. aba sarap kaya ng isaw. yung mga tawanan, yung mga iyakan. yung comedy moments ko. yung hugs niyo… 

it’s a wrap! now we’re on a roll! … ahahaha, yezzz, i still play this.

roll! so ano na ang plano ni melaikick? eh di magpapakasaya! nyahaha. o ayan ha.

more art work … i want to take pixxors! lots of pixxors! i need skillz for this. i might start by late january or early february. tapos drawing, paper craft, and typography … planning to combine all media. kasi naman photoshop, why u no cooperate?

cook, eat out, at movies … baka pwede naman tayong magbowling? namimiss ko na yun eh. i’ve kind of forgotten about these things, di nga ako naggrocery eh. hehehe, dami kong natututunan sa big siopao ko. *u* ahihihi.

be a big girl … ahm hahaha, i cannot do anything with how i look like a high school student at times. and i would not change my personality for anyone pero i’m working on my emotional maturity and financial stability, lagi nalang ako pinapagalitan ni max. si max yan ha. oha!

more happy, period. game na? one last huzzah for 2010!

yun lang.

♥ melai

1:27 AM 12/25/2010 … merry christmas sa inyo! i love you, most of the time. hahaha. magpapakasaya muna ko…

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

snow dream … dahil walang snow dito sa pilipinas, eh di ayan snow… flakes! nyahaha. oha oha! eh ayaw ko kasi ng christmas tree. made those at work at ang kinalabasan… nakita ako ng boss ko at pinagawa niya tuloy sakin yung board namin. lol. but i’m pretty happy with how they turned out… both the board and the snowflakes.

matagal tagal na rin bago ako nakakuha ng schedule na wala akong pasok ng pasko. wahehehe. i was extremely tired though and slept the whole of the day before christmas although later that night, miming’s mom had invited me for dinner, matagal na kong nananabik sa lutong bahay at luto ng nanay. i liked her one day ham, so sweet. ahihi. the best thing about that dinner though was that they were bickering about the september 11 attacks in nyc and the pentagon. ahaha!

if it had been dinner with my blood relatives, they’d talk about pleasantries and such, eh mas cool kapag pwede kang magbigay ng insights. davaaa? anyhoo,alam ko na kung bakit magaling sa mental sparring tong si miming eh. thanks po sa masarap na pagkain!

i decided to have a quiet christmas by doing a movie marathon and gorging myself with chinese food… ay teka, chinese ako, food lang. lol. siu mai and wonton and dumplings, tapos fried rice at chicken tapos tapos… nom nom nom! normally i’d have cake, kaya lang ang haba ng pila sa mall kaya nagpakalunod nalang ako sa krispy kreme at snickers.

i received several good news too during the day too which will be in another post. i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! and looking forward to a great new year! huzzah!

yun lang.

♥ melai

the first time i saw max, aba… kawaii! hanggang ngayon naman eh. tapos tinabihan niya ko sa training namin dahil akala niya magka-age kami. hehehe. so eun, isang taon na pala kaming magkaibigan. so ibig sabihin, isang taon na kaming nagwiwindow shopping sa sm, lumalamon, nagkukulitan at nagduet ng mga kanta ni taylor swift. heeeee~!

at dahil birthday mo ngayon bebs, otanjoubi omedeto! diba, napangakuan kita ng typography art noon, and i used the purimonyorori2 font which you liked! heto…

happy birthday bebs … at more birthdays to come! thanks for showing and teaching me how to be happy even in little ways. ayusin na natin mga adventures natin next year! rabuuu always. at si boa nalang papakantahin ko… dahil di ako marunong maghapon. hehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai

since i was to be one of ishi’s ninangs, i ganged up on one of our stl’s to get me off of my sunday shift. hehehe. thanks to stl danny! oha oha! so bininyagan si ishi last sunday, sa st. peter’s. that morning, there was a bit of rain and a big rainbow… kind of considered as good signs, yes? tapos,i wore a dress and five inch heels for this, little siopao. lol. i’d curl my hair for you but it doesn’t curl without medicine.

aba, pretty girls! … madam (ishi’s mom), ishi, melaikick, and jamie

the ceremony lasted for around an hour at church where we made our vows to be her sort of second parent… and then reception was somewhere at qc circle… at bongga ang daming ninong at ninang ni ishi. ahaha. tinalo pa niya ang isang football team. although i could only remember mark and eka, and moonlight avery (lol, a whole musical band for godparents, san ka pa?) jamie… eeeeeeeeee was able to come too and the pixxors are credited to her.

because the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy … uhm kind of not true for me but i’m pretty sure miming would take care of his daughter. anyhoo, i’m really happy i’m one of her ninangs and i will always keep her candle… and of course, ninang melai is sure to dote on little siopao. hihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai


kapag naglogin ka sa facebook, makikita mo na ung last five na pixxors na nakatag ka. hehehe. eh malakas ang trip ko, cut out some letters and took some pictures… at gusto ko ngayong mag-hello sa inyo! ahihi. anyhoo, if you’re interested in knowing, eheee, the font is just adobe caslon pro at kung medyo bulag din pala kayong na tulad ko, here are the pixxors that i used… nyahahaha!

hello ulit!

i chose the word hello though since it’s simple, welcoming, and acknowledges. it’s nice to hear diba? even manong guard smiles kapag binabati sila. ehehe. so eun, special hello sa n00bcakes ko at sa iyo na napadpad dito sa melaikick. hellooooooo!

yun lang.

♥ melai

teh ozumness is joo … other pixxors are here.

ok… so you’ve got your friend… but then again, you’ve got your best friend… but still you’ve got your super best friend. lol. i thought i’d show support for my favorite bassist in the world… ay teka siya lang kakilala kong bassist. hehehe. it’s been a while since i’d seen him play. ah well, he’s ozummm now, when it comes to playing his music.

so it was off to guerrilla radio bar for the j-crunch 2010 tribute to high and mighty color thing… on a saturday when all the cab drivers are cranky. hahaha. on the other hand, it turned out to be a night of wonderful music. i’m happy miming’s able to play for the crowd as he wanted although, he’s uh, quite popular with the boys. nyahahaha! nah, ibig kong sabihin, lagi siyang binabati nung ibang banda, most of them boys. eheeee!

i got to meet miming’s mom too. she was very kind and quite chatty, if you know what i mean. i thought she was pretty for a woman who looked and talked like a formidable drill sergeant. and she was sweet as well, making me eat stuff para daw tumaba ako, shoving me beers too (i did not drink!), i might add. nyahahaha.

so eun, i know miming will make more ozumm music in the future, i might not be able to see those… pero galingan mo ha! hehehe. *wink wink*

yun lang.

♥ melai

whoever started that campaign against violence on children by posting cartoons from our childhood in facebook… well, nagtagumpay naman siya kahit papano. hehehe. so i decided to change my profile picture to miaka yuuki from fushigi yuugi since marami kaming mga alaala ng mga kaklase ko sa anime na yun. also, my drawing style is somewhat similar.

kaya lang, jen, one of my clasmates posted this on my wall…

ako daw si ami mizuno … nyahahaha! nung nasa elementary palang ako, sikat na sikat yung anime na sailor moon and my classmates had designated me as sailor mercury. ahm, hindi ako genius noh pero i was the resident bookworm. so eun, i changed my profile pic into ami mizuno. but anyhoo, this really made me want to draw again, sailor moon style. so, i’ve already done sailor mercury. i’m currently working on sailor moon for my other friend and old classmate, grace ; and of course, sailor mars for jen. here goes…

ami mizuno by melaikick

i can haz drawing skillz, yes? did you know that ami or sailor mercury is the soldier of love and exams? hehehe. i had a hard time with her sailor fuku so i didn’t line it entirely but i enjoyed drawing the rest of her face and hands. oha oha! mercury power make-up!

yun lang muna.

♥ melai

12/17/2010 … ehehehe. super delayed na to, busy melai is busy. o ito naman para kay grace…

usagi tsukino by melaikick

i can haz drawing skillz pa ren, yes? sino bang hindi nakakakilala kay sailormoon? i had a hard time lining her hair but i’m kind of happy with the results especially the eyes. wheeeee~! moon crystal power make-up!

yun lang muna ulit.

♥ melai

1/5/2011 … sa wakas bigas! i can haz drawing skillz… again, yes? took me a while to finish this. dami nigagawa sa work eeh. it’s rei hino, and it’s dedicated to jen.

rei hino by melaikick

rei is actually my favorite sailormoon character now… she’s smexy and i kind of like the fact that she has jet black hair that doesn’t seem to curl… same as mine. hihihi. i focused on her eyes though. mars crystal power make-up!

so eun, i finally finished this post. thanks so much for the inspiration, jen and grace.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.