the lost symbol

Posted on: November 3, 2010

i used to like reading books when i was younger. we had a small collection of books at dahil sa bulprisa, i was forced to read the dictionary… twice. nyahaha! kaya lang after high school i started doing more writing until di na rin ako nakakabili ng libro. come to think of it, the last book that i read completely, round early last year, was a book about a hero named drizzt do’ urden from the forgotten realms.

but since i’m kind of distracting myself from stuff, i thought why not read again? i picked a copy of dan brown’s lost symbol a few weeks back. i saved the last chapter to read today.

arsenal ayan o … took out max’s miming scrunchie, para sa buhok kong magulo ; chocolate sticks from the local drugstore and a nice old bear.

see? hahaha! bago ko pala makalimutan, this isn’t a review of the book… just some thoughts about it. dan brown’s books always leave me panting… well not in the kind you imagined. eh i was thinking of the word ‘breathless’ but… it’s kind of all over. hee! nakakapagod siyang basahin actually. kapag climax na ng isang chapter it would transition. and then, you won’t be able to stop reading because you’d want to know what will happen next.

it’s still about one of robert langdon’s adventures, this time about symbols in the us capitol. and as it’s dealing with more and more words, i absolutely loved it… hehehe, typographer love. kind of want to get a tattoo now too, the book deals with a lot of them. aside from symbols, it talks about how through determination we could do the impossible. i was reading through a bit of a rough time, so i guess i was encouraged by it.

the lost symbol and the lost… err girl? nyahahaha! well, madalas akong maligaw sa trinoma and i will never remember the buildings in makati. anyhoo, the story ends the way it always ends, robert langdon is able to find the treasure. eh ako? aside from all that knowledge on symbols, the most important lesson i learned from it is that there’s just so many things i am capable of doing… as long as i put my mind to it. o hai guys, i will start cooking nao… hehehe! it’s just one ozumm book.

yun lang.

♥ melai


1 Response to "the lost symbol"

alam mo adeng lagia noon kwento sa mga co teacher na nag books ko magulo na naman kac nasa abhay ang pinsan ko na pati mga reference book ko para sa pag le lesson plan ay binabasa mo.. grabe adeng ang takaw mo mgbasa.. galing.. love you.

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hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.

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