happy feet

Posted on: October 25, 2010

happy feet

i’d never thought i’d be able to walk that long and narrow road to madam’s house alone. naglevel up na ang direction skillz ko! nyahahaha. i visited my godchild today (as of this writing)… and when i looked at her, she smiled. she’s the most beautiful thing. hihihi.

her name’s ishi, and i have no intention of presenting her to the world… through my silly blog. saka, that would be her parents’ job, so i only took pictures of her feet… and ours of course. hahaha, bakit paa? it was the safest thing i could touch. i didn’t dare carry her for now, not until she’s a wee bit older and her bones have fused.

anyway, she has this calming effect… cute things have a calming effect on me? hahaha! mukha kasi siyang  chibi siopao. all i did was watch her eat, sleep, she pooped once, even her poop looks cute lol… then went back to eating and sleeping. at hindi ako nabore! i can’t wait till she’s older and would call me ninang! i’m sure we’d have tons of fun.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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