part two: maki

Posted on: October 17, 2010

continued from part one: mako 10/16/2010 … i waited for maki at the front of the bookstore. she’d invited me to watch another movie. kaya lang, when we went to the theaters, three were under renovation at hindi namin trip yung mga pelikula. so we decided to just stuff ourselves and kind of just talk.

ahaha, i eat a lot these days… on a side note, i don’t really have anything yet on the fridge. hahaha! grabe ang takaw takaw ko, hindi naman ako tumataba. we ate at sbarro. maki likes italian food, which is a good thing because i’ve been wanting to eat pasta … with a twist.

ang mga masarap kumain!

maki got one of those pizzas which looked more like a huge pie more than a pizza… i forgot the name though. on the other hand,  i ordered spaghetti with eggplant parmigiana! and it’s really good. mejo mahirap i-describe… hahaha! better try it for yourself. nom nom nom!

we talked about old classmates as always, at mga plano sa buhay buhay. maki is the type of person who has insights to everything. she tends to be more like a big sister when it comes to advices too, kahit na i’m a year older. we’ve been friends since grade two? naalala ko pa yung mga inuutusan niyang cocc just for me. hahaha! she’s really thoughtful too. binilhan ba naman ako ng ribbons, so masaya ako, i’d be able to mod new rings! and she had burned a cd for me as well. para daw mapanood ko na yung love of siam and lovely complex. lolz.

oh yes, maki is a gem of a friend i’d keep forever… a gem with a penchant for math and cute thai boys. hehehe! nga pala bago ko malimutan, i added ‘joob joob’ to the terminology.

a bit of an epilogue

siguro you notice na i always talk about my friends here at melaikick. it’s just that i’m so proud of them. i’ve been asked several times… paano daw ako nakakapag-isa. but in truth, i never am. my friends are not at my beck and call as others think. minsan nga oras bago sumagot ng text but… they will answer. they’re there and their (aba, nice… nagamit ko tong mga possessive pronouns na to! lol.) cheerful smiles, nako parang energizer.

yun lang. can’t wait for mako and maki to meet. hihihi.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "part two: maki"

it’s Chicago White.. 🙂 Tsalap! 😀
Cute Thai boys talaga? Haha., di naman, cute Thai boy lang, wehehe.. :p
I’ll always be here for you.. 😀 Kitakits uli, soon! Sa birthday ko? Ahehe.. 😀

ayun chicago white! wahahaha. ahihi, thanks maki. at siyempre magkikita talaga tayo sa beerday mo!

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