part one: mako

Posted on: October 16, 2010

10/16/2010 … a really long day. i met up with max a.k.a. mako, this afternoon. she got a new point and shoot cam and it is ozumm. we’d met up with the camera seller first tapos nag-enjoy kami sa pagkanta ng ‘mine’ at ‘hey stephen’ on the way back to the mall. and we enjoyed the random bouts so much we didn’t care if we annoyed the people in the fx. nagcrave kami ng cake so we headed to starbucks…

mako … and very berry cheesecake. i think it’s one of her tried and tested ones. and yes, we share food so i know na masarap talaga siya.

i love cake … om nom nom! max chose this for me. chocolate midnight cake, did i get that right? it tastes like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate. anyhoo, max gave me a short crash course on taking pixxors. meh needs it for a small project. hihihi!  i’d write up about it soon! we have lots of shooting planned.

we lounged around a bit tapos ikot ikot sa mall. it was extremely fun. it was extremely hilarious… yung mga bagay bagay na napag-usapan namin. i am extremely blessed. one friend like max is like a million relatives. that’s how much i care for her. just like the other n00bcakes, albeit i don’t see much of them.

since sale ngayon sa mall, there weren’t seats where we could rest, nagpunta kami sa medical city just to sit. hahaha! one of the best moments of the day. after resting, hinatid ko na si max palabas and i waited for…

yun lang… muna.

♥ melai


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