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this year has been a long year of changes, mind you, crazy kick ass changes, and because of that i’ve been pondering about my life choices. there were some that i feel were good choices. there were some that i regretted.

i was talking to one of my friends, vivi, through email… how i was coping up. sabi ko, marami akong batteries… a kind of metaphor para sa mga taong nagmamahal sakin, ahihi, jan jan lang sila sa tabi tabi. so anong plano? eh di bagong power adapter naman,yung malakas! hehehe! i am supercharging my life… and no i don’t mean parties and stuff like that. ang dami kasing surprises ng life eh, nyoks. ako naman gagawa ng changes ha, life. kk?

and i have goals nao too. marami akong mga extracurriculars na gustong gawin, those are my short term ones. at siyempre merong long term plans din! one of which is waking up and not hating what you are about to do. i want to toughen up too… mentally. para no more of those emotional chenes, more logical decisions.

more energy mas happy, di ba? took my psp’s power adapter and played with it. hihihi.

o ayan, life improvements kamon kamon! anyhoo, dito pa rin si melaikick and i will shower you with rainbows and fluffy bunnies, kung kaya ko pang dagdagan ng unicorns eh, why not? nyahahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai


happy feet

i’d never thought i’d be able to walk that long and narrow road to madam’s house alone. naglevel up na ang direction skillz ko! nyahahaha. i visited my godchild today (as of this writing)… and when i looked at her, she smiled. she’s the most beautiful thing. hihihi.

her name’s ishi, and i have no intention of presenting her to the world… through my silly blog. saka, that would be her parents’ job, so i only took pictures of her feet… and ours of course. hahaha, bakit paa? it was the safest thing i could touch. i didn’t dare carry her for now, not until she’s a wee bit older and her bones have fused.

anyway, she has this calming effect… cute things have a calming effect on me? hahaha! mukha kasi siyang  chibi siopao. all i did was watch her eat, sleep, she pooped once, even her poop looks cute lol… then went back to eating and sleeping. at hindi ako nabore! i can’t wait till she’s older and would call me ninang! i’m sure we’d have tons of fun.

yun lang.

♥ melai

just a short follow up post… so, i kind of have a few people to thank for helping me with demon fist.

first it was nice of miming to let me borrow his darling baby dslr. i remember how protective he was when someone first tried to borrow it… i didn’t dare travel at 2am with it. salamat kina dave, cindy neechan at ate terry na sinamahan ako sa lobby hanggang safe na magbiyahe. nyahahaha! anyhoo, i kind of suck at taking pixxors and max met up with me just to teach me how to use it. lolz.

o hai thurr… i kind of played around with it too. hehehe. and finally, i’ve got a really cooperative *ubo ubo* model named ark, he’s a bit social networking sites-elusive. you’d find him in the last post. pero… sorry di ko pwede share number niya. hehehe! so eun, thanks so much!

i haz waaaaay too ozummm friends.

yun lang.

♥ melai

demon fist

this is kind of long overdue kase i got really sick… at heto na nga! this was inspired by one of my wavemates in si-bee-gi, paul, who also goes by silverdemonfist. eh naglogin kasi siya bigla sa ym. hahaha.

what makes this one really special is that i’ve finally mastered lining and shadowing when i did this. i know it’s easy… i mean super dali but it just feels so nice when i envision something and i could really make it already in ps. the closest to this one is the one i made for moonlight avery. anyhoo, i’ve decided to turn this into a shirt, so please say hello to my model, ark.

kaya lang mukhang maamo … hahaha. cute boy is cute. ahaha! kind of looks like miming in person, except with bigger eyes. has the same energy level too. more pixxors soon at our n00bcakes store. i’m looking for far more appropriate brushes other than blots. hihihi. and yes, i have a short cutesy ‘credits to’ chervams post to follow.

yun lang.

♥ melai

continued from part one: mako 10/16/2010 … i waited for maki at the front of the bookstore. she’d invited me to watch another movie. kaya lang, when we went to the theaters, three were under renovation at hindi namin trip yung mga pelikula. so we decided to just stuff ourselves and kind of just talk.

ahaha, i eat a lot these days… on a side note, i don’t really have anything yet on the fridge. hahaha! grabe ang takaw takaw ko, hindi naman ako tumataba. we ate at sbarro. maki likes italian food, which is a good thing because i’ve been wanting to eat pasta … with a twist.

ang mga masarap kumain!

maki got one of those pizzas which looked more like a huge pie more than a pizza… i forgot the name though. on the other hand,  i ordered spaghetti with eggplant parmigiana! and it’s really good. mejo mahirap i-describe… hahaha! better try it for yourself. nom nom nom!

we talked about old classmates as always, at mga plano sa buhay buhay. maki is the type of person who has insights to everything. she tends to be more like a big sister when it comes to advices too, kahit na i’m a year older. we’ve been friends since grade two? naalala ko pa yung mga inuutusan niyang cocc just for me. hahaha! she’s really thoughtful too. binilhan ba naman ako ng ribbons, so masaya ako, i’d be able to mod new rings! and she had burned a cd for me as well. para daw mapanood ko na yung love of siam and lovely complex. lolz.

oh yes, maki is a gem of a friend i’d keep forever… a gem with a penchant for math and cute thai boys. hehehe! nga pala bago ko malimutan, i added ‘joob joob’ to the terminology.

a bit of an epilogue

siguro you notice na i always talk about my friends here at melaikick. it’s just that i’m so proud of them. i’ve been asked several times… paano daw ako nakakapag-isa. but in truth, i never am. my friends are not at my beck and call as others think. minsan nga oras bago sumagot ng text but… they will answer. they’re there and their (aba, nice… nagamit ko tong mga possessive pronouns na to! lol.) cheerful smiles, nako parang energizer.

yun lang. can’t wait for mako and maki to meet. hihihi.

♥ melai

10/16/2010 … a really long day. i met up with max a.k.a. mako, this afternoon. she got a new point and shoot cam and it is ozumm. we’d met up with the camera seller first tapos nag-enjoy kami sa pagkanta ng ‘mine’ at ‘hey stephen’ on the way back to the mall. and we enjoyed the random bouts so much we didn’t care if we annoyed the people in the fx. nagcrave kami ng cake so we headed to starbucks…

mako … and very berry cheesecake. i think it’s one of her tried and tested ones. and yes, we share food so i know na masarap talaga siya.

i love cake … om nom nom! max chose this for me. chocolate midnight cake, did i get that right? it tastes like a cross between tiramisu and chocolate. anyhoo, max gave me a short crash course on taking pixxors. meh needs it for a small project. hihihi!  i’d write up about it soon! we have lots of shooting planned.

we lounged around a bit tapos ikot ikot sa mall. it was extremely fun. it was extremely hilarious… yung mga bagay bagay na napag-usapan namin. i am extremely blessed. one friend like max is like a million relatives. that’s how much i care for her. just like the other n00bcakes, albeit i don’t see much of them.

since sale ngayon sa mall, there weren’t seats where we could rest, nagpunta kami sa medical city just to sit. hahaha! one of the best moments of the day. after resting, hinatid ko na si max palabas and i waited for…

yun lang… muna.

♥ melai

i came … i’ve been pestering maki and shane about this for the longest time… at sa wakas nagkaroon din ako ng maayos na day off. ahahaha, yehey! it was raining pretty hard pero sabi ko wala akong pakialam kung umuulan, kakain ako ng isaw. so eun, rekta ko sa unibersidad ng pilipinas.

at siyempre, naglevel up ang direction skillz ko, hindi ako nagtaxi nyahahaha! we all decided to meet at the coop but somehow i ended up in a building where they sell zagu (lol, shopping center?). sige, next time sabihin ko keh manong driver ibaba niya ko sa meh zagu. hahaha!

isaw … i eat anything pwera na lang hipon, i’m not picky, ampalaya nga, tinitira ko. hahaha. isaw is one of my cheap thrills. we bought fruit juices, o ayan ha, not sola hehehe, before going to mang larry’s (did i get that right?) isawan. i don’t know where it is exactly, but it’s a small stall na may maraming isaw of course, some tables, gallons of vinegar on the side… at sa tuktok ng stall makikita mo ang pangpassport id pixxor ni mang larry, who i think is probably rich now. ehehe.

the lady manning the stall took our orders, she called us shen and milay, which was cute. since there weren’t enough tables, we found an empty shed somewhere near the engineering building, mind maki and and shane are both engineers!

isaw joob joob … inside joke, heeee~!

i conquered … the isaw was really good. i ate most of it. thanks so much maki! there were different kinds but i like the wriggly ones the most. di ko alam tawag eh. wahahaha! habang kumakain, we talked about stuff like old classmates ; big bang and g-dragon’s jewelry ; a really cute thai actor ; at kung nasaan kaya si debed. i was surprised they knew a bit about this blog. maki had been asking stuff about miming and max. ahaha!

meki, milay, and shen

anyway, sabi ni maki ang sikreto daw nasa sawsawan, well… there were some people who were drinking the stuff. but i guess, it was just really good eating it with friends… ozumm ones! let’s eat out again, kkk?

yun lang. mejo bloated ako ngayon. hehe.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.