fuujin no mirai

Posted on: September 21, 2010

remember my glass wind bell? sa wakas, napuno na rin siya! so i can finally put it up. here’s what they said, hehehe, coz’ i’m too lazy to have it scanned…

suzushisa wa mizu yori fukashi

max says… “Beb, Good Vibes! Haha, Aja beb! always stay happy & strong ♥ aja Go Melai! ♥ maxie” … i thank you for all the encouragements, beb. and let me take the opportunity to say that i’m really sorry. it was wrong of me to do that. i’ve been wanting to tell you that i found out salbutamol is a downer. i took it before that incident and i’ve been through a barrage of emotions. i threw the whole stock of medicine and the rosin away too. it won’t happen again. i leave it to faith you’d trust me again. huwag ka na rin magalit kay augie, he saved me… well, you both did. i love you.

joey wrote… “Melai =) Easy lang! Herher! Marvs & I are here for you ♥ Thanks for the invite. Stay nice and happy! Mwah! ♥ Joey” … so, maraming beses ko ng nakausap si joey. sa chat, sa facebook, sa formspring, but this was the first time i talked to her in person. my first impression, mukhang ok tong kaibigan, ang cute niya, parang kayang sapakin si marv anytime. she’s a breath of fresh air and very smart too. she answers questions in such a witty manner, di ako nagtatakang deadz na deadz si marv sa kanya.

si marv naman… “Ui Melai! Thanks for the friendship. Always be happy! Marvs” … hahaha. super dami kong natutunan sayo, lol. teka anong chord nga ba yun? hahaha. you’ve been really nice to me. i appreciate your insights… pero mas magaling logic ni joey, hehehe! at wish ko lang tantanan mo na yung jordan plains!

at siyempre, si miming, in his handwriting, yes, his handwriting… “B***-****! STORONG!” leche ka, i know what “b***” means. i don’t take it negatively though.  miming is my friend. a very good friend. someone whose strength, whether it be physical or emotional, i really admire. naaalala ko pa yung listahan sa notebook niya, his determination through life is one of the reasons bat isa siya sa mga kaibigang hindi dapat pakawalan. dito ako nami-misinterpret lagi eh, hehehe. don’t get me wrong there are things i don’t like about him which i don’t want to expound about. thank you for sharing a bit of that strength, at sana makaipon ka pa ng maraming chakra for all your endeavors. (was your question answered, baku?)

i’m going to take really good care of this bell. when it rings, it will remind me of my friends, it will remind me of the good times we shared, the challenges we’ve gone through. and it will remind me of the wind, aba siyempre, lol. but seriously, that’s going to be a soft gentle reminder that… good times lie ahead.

yun lang.

♥ melai

5:33 PM 10/10/2010 … perfect ten day! finally had the paper laminated… eh maulan kaya dito sa pilipinas. hahaha! and i finally put it up too! happeh melai iz happeh!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai


6 Responses to "fuujin no mirai"

thanks for the nice comments girl! don’t be sad, okay? avoid doing unhealthy things. be happy, you’re blessed!

ilabshue beb. ♥

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! behave kna ha..

behave nha!

what is salbutamol? :]]

gamot for asthma sis.. commonly known as ventolin. its a downer/depressant. :>

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