here’s one for them haterzzz

Posted on: September 15, 2010

the last time i confronted a hater, i ended up hurting my best friend… 7:56 AM 9/18/2010… just a little update on this particular line, because some people misunderstood, i did not confront my bestfriend about some girl, it was more of a “trust” thing, lol. end of update. tapos my whole barkada went into a talk back frenzy in my formspring and the poor hater became their toy, lol. so now, meron na naman… but i’ve decided to just ignore this person and let him or her or… it (lol)… suffer from his or her or… it’s (lol, again) own mental agitation.

so there, i have no room for haters in my life. all negative posts and comments except for criticisms shall be automatically deleted. saka, it’s not really fine to hurt somebody else’s feelings… yes, including haters. tao rin yan. i also don’t want the foul language rubbing off on me and my friends. nakakahawa yun!

and you know what, haters are not powerful. they’re only people with miserable lives and the only way they can feel better about their toxic little selves is by making others feel bad. unfortunately, there is only one person allowed to hurt me. hahaha! *wink* so, i can’t be pulled down. normally, haters would feel that their discrediting and haterade had worked when they see that it bothers you. so, sorry nalang kasi wakopakels.

oh and one more thing, for any of you with bashers out there, hating is the sincerest form of flattery. yes, they make you popular! in the end, it’s the hatee (is there such a word?) who always gets the last laugh! muhahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai


3 Responses to "here’s one for them haterzzz"

cno yan beb? aynikuu.. yaan m n nga lng tlg hehe :3
i have net na :3

feeling ko si bulate ulit eh. hehehe! imy beb!

hohoho dami nyan boss ah di nauubos!

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