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remember my glass wind bell? sa wakas, napuno na rin siya! so i can finally put it up. here’s what they said, hehehe, coz’ i’m too lazy to have it scanned…

suzushisa wa mizu yori fukashi

max says… “Beb, Good Vibes! Haha, Aja beb! always stay happy & strong ♥ aja Go Melai! ♥ maxie” … i thank you for all the encouragements, beb. and let me take the opportunity to say that i’m really sorry. it was wrong of me to do that. i’ve been wanting to tell you that i found out salbutamol is a downer. i took it before that incident and i’ve been through a barrage of emotions. i threw the whole stock of medicine and the rosin away too. it won’t happen again. i leave it to faith you’d trust me again. huwag ka na rin magalit kay augie, he saved me… well, you both did. i love you.

joey wrote… “Melai =) Easy lang! Herher! Marvs & I are here for you ♥ Thanks for the invite. Stay nice and happy! Mwah! ♥ Joey” … so, maraming beses ko ng nakausap si joey. sa chat, sa facebook, sa formspring, but this was the first time i talked to her in person. my first impression, mukhang ok tong kaibigan, ang cute niya, parang kayang sapakin si marv anytime. she’s a breath of fresh air and very smart too. she answers questions in such a witty manner, di ako nagtatakang deadz na deadz si marv sa kanya.

si marv naman… “Ui Melai! Thanks for the friendship. Always be happy! Marvs” … hahaha. super dami kong natutunan sayo, lol. teka anong chord nga ba yun? hahaha. you’ve been really nice to me. i appreciate your insights… pero mas magaling logic ni joey, hehehe! at wish ko lang tantanan mo na yung jordan plains!

at siyempre, si miming, in his handwriting, yes, his handwriting… “B***-****! STORONG!” leche ka, i know what “b***” means. i don’t take it negatively though.  miming is my friend. a very good friend. someone whose strength, whether it be physical or emotional, i really admire. naaalala ko pa yung listahan sa notebook niya, his determination through life is one of the reasons bat isa siya sa mga kaibigang hindi dapat pakawalan. dito ako nami-misinterpret lagi eh, hehehe. don’t get me wrong there are things i don’t like about him which i don’t want to expound about. thank you for sharing a bit of that strength, at sana makaipon ka pa ng maraming chakra for all your endeavors. (was your question answered, baku?)

i’m going to take really good care of this bell. when it rings, it will remind me of my friends, it will remind me of the good times we shared, the challenges we’ve gone through. and it will remind me of the wind, aba siyempre, lol. but seriously, that’s going to be a soft gentle reminder that… good times lie ahead.

yun lang.

♥ melai

5:33 PM 10/10/2010 … perfect ten day! finally had the paper laminated… eh maulan kaya dito sa pilipinas. hahaha! and i finally put it up too! happeh melai iz happeh!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai


and the best house guests award goes to… dun dun dun… marv and joey! wheeee~! i was supposed to be learning chords chervams today for guitar pero marv and joey were such pleasant people. ang sarap makipagkwentuhan sa kanila. si marv, super kulit which was different… noong di niya kasama si joey. madaldal eh. they’re such a cute couple.

mga bisitang kong cute

this strongly reminded me of the very first time i had guests… which was a very nice feeling. pero, sinigurado ko namang meron akong sponge ngayon eh. lol! we talked about tons of things, mainly about the issue at hand. but we also mulled around stuff like… well my stuff, like the food displays and my preference for drinks. hahaha ; how they’d like to get a house of their own ; and marv’s penchant for ghost stuff. and oh, yeah, thanks so much marv for humiliating me in front of joey about jordan plains. nyahahahaha!

even though we just goofed around and talked, there were several things that cleared up… or at least i understand now why they happened. i’m going to be cryptive here but my readers aren’t stupid anyway. shakespeare had a really cool poem, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” in life, we don’t see some truths of other people. there are actors out there that can play various roles. can’t believe my hater indirectly made me brush up on literature when her english is extremely… ooops, back to my happy bubble. hehehe.

and in the end, naglinis pa sila marv and joey before leaving. usually kasi kapag nangkidnap ako, parang ni-ransack yung bahay ko. hahaha! i had a real wonderful time guys, and thank you for appreciating my artwork too.

yun lang.

♥ melai

okay… no one is allowed to dictate what i should or should not write about. i’ve held back. but since you say otherwise, which i extremely respect, i feel that i have every right to bash now. do not scold me on this, miming… i’m just pissed right now. anyway, sabi mo st0rong, diba? i know you hate disclaimers, this isn’t one. just remember, you taught me how to demand. my heart is demanding this to be let out. you taught me that when the world slaps me in the face, i go and kick the nuts, twice. so this is my way. and after this, i’d follow what you said, rest assured that if there is another similarly classless comment, i will delete it. i promise.

i prefer not to swear in my blog and i really have tons of patience but i think you deserve it. so here’s something for you, so-called girlfriend of that someone i supposedly liked… get some manners and go fuck yourself preferably in the ass with a big stick. fuck you very much.

i thought about this for a while… kung ipopost ko ba yung offensive comments or not. they’re disgusting. pero since i’m really pissed, and  people have been asking, and this is clearly the fastest outlet… here they are. and i’m sure you’d understand why i have such a stalwart counteraction.

so, i’ve been getting attention at work… i’ve had a surge of readers and a couple of formspring compliments. it seemed to be because of a person we shall call arkangel, who’s kind of good-looking, and the rumors that he liked me. which, let me clear here, are only rumors. hindi ako nagmamaganda, nanahimik lang ako dito sa isang tabi when all of a sudden i get these… “yuck imbento sa formspring, kaw lang din nagsesend ng mga yan. pathetic!” followed by “eww imbento ng mga comments dito sa formspring. nakakaawa ka naman,” and another, “inventor. hahaha” so, i thought it was just some random hater with nothing to do. i let it go. i don’t invent stuff. anong makukuha ko dun? i have better things to do.

tapos, i made that previous post, my readers should know… and then i get this, “hatee? funny naman that word? the dictionary ba yun. and oh im so sorry if u confronted him about me, its just that my fight is his fight i guess. ganun nya ako kamahal eh. better luck this time.” … hay, a short paragraph with grammar so bad, it gave me a headache. and a follow up, “no wonder you love shimazu, you are into japanese. LOL!” of course, max is annoyed, both on the ridiculously incomplete sentence and referral.

it takes a long time for me to get riled up. so sabi ko, sige non-confrontational approach. i asked this person, “so why are you fighting me? what exactly have i done to you? di ko inaagaw bf mo, di ko nga kinakausap eh… iyong iyo na siya we remain great friends and i respect his decisions. ano ba ginawa ko sayo? nabalian ba kita ng buto?” na hanggang ngayon hindi pa niya nasasagot.

ang sagot lang, “move on biatch! LOL!” ahm… anong move-on? kanino? hater stalks my twitter account too, here’s an insult, referring to my lingerie post. “lingerie? wtf? are u kidding me? i cant imagine u wearing one! ang payat-payat mo at sorry for the word pero ang panget mo teh! it’ll be nakakasuka. LOL!” unfortunately, i am able afford lingerie as well as i have as much self-confidence to prance around in a bikini as anybody else.

and i’ve got more surprises today… “so why are u so pissed? ikaw tanga for thinking na maagaw mo xa sakin. LOL! keepnit coll dude. ang panget mo lalo eh. LOL!” and another one… “stop dreaming babe. he is disgusted by the thought na nagustuhan mo siya. sorry to burst ur bubble ugly duckling. stop making papansin by your posts, mga imbento mong posts.” and the last one, maybe for today? hahaha. “pwede ba nexttime bago ka mag ilusyon, ipaayos mo muna yang pagmumukha mo, ur teeth and yang katawan mong parang liliparin ng hangin. mukang kang bumbay na dugyot.”

ngayon, me and friends are extremely confused, this is a frak understatement already, sure ba talaga siyang napapangitan siya saken??? kasi kung pangit ako at hindi ako threat sa pag-iibigan niya ng siyota niya, bakit niya ko inaaway? diba? wala ka lang magawa? insecure much? o as joolee puts it, just plain stupid?

now, what kind of person does this? di ba yung walang pinag-aralan lang? ikaw ang gf diba? kung sino man yang lalaking yan, take him, pabuntis ka pa if you like. igapos mo yang sarili mo sa bf mo. hahaha. no seriously, you better get a life, maghobby ka… para hindi ka nanggugulo ng ibang tao. what comes around goes around. mabilis ang karma, don’t go nosing around other people’s business. if you don’t like my posts, don’t read them… di kita pinuwersang basahin yung mga yun. magtimpla ka ng kape at dagdagan mo ng sampung shot ng espresso ng magising yang utak mo.

ahayt, if i get another post from this person without an explanation as to why he or she or it is fighting me… then it only means meron siyang major major brain problem.

yun lang. i feel so much better.

♥ melai

the last time i confronted a hater, i ended up hurting my best friend… 7:56 AM 9/18/2010… just a little update on this particular line, because some people misunderstood, i did not confront my bestfriend about some girl, it was more of a “trust” thing, lol. end of update. tapos my whole barkada went into a talk back frenzy in my formspring and the poor hater became their toy, lol. so now, meron na naman… but i’ve decided to just ignore this person and let him or her or… it (lol)… suffer from his or her or… it’s (lol, again) own mental agitation.

so there, i have no room for haters in my life. all negative posts and comments except for criticisms shall be automatically deleted. saka, it’s not really fine to hurt somebody else’s feelings… yes, including haters. tao rin yan. i also don’t want the foul language rubbing off on me and my friends. nakakahawa yun!

and you know what, haters are not powerful. they’re only people with miserable lives and the only way they can feel better about their toxic little selves is by making others feel bad. unfortunately, there is only one person allowed to hurt me. hahaha! *wink* so, i can’t be pulled down. normally, haters would feel that their discrediting and haterade had worked when they see that it bothers you. so, sorry nalang kasi wakopakels.

oh and one more thing, for any of you with bashers out there, hating is the sincerest form of flattery. yes, they make you popular! in the end, it’s the hatee (is there such a word?) who always gets the last laugh! muhahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

pick me up tos pic[k]nic tayuuu… lol.

so, i have a new guitar… and i’m learning chords, which are most of the time stretchy (small hands, lol.) anyway, i received some free picks from jb music… well not really the store, i was looking around eh, natuwa yata sakin yung salesman chervams.

sa jb music store…
melaikick > nu ni nu… (looking at guitars)
kuya jb salesman > hi mam!
melaikick > smiles at kuya jb salesman
kuya jb salesman > para kanino po? sa boyfriend nyo?
melakick > meron na po. tumitingin lang po.
kuya jb salesman > hehehe, ilan taon na po kayo mam?
melaikick > … 25 po
kuya jb salesman > ay, kala ko high school!
melakick > ahm…
kuya jb salesman > goes around the counter… heto nga po pala yung libre nyong picks.
melaikick > 0_0

dunno… ethics wise, siguro i shouldn’t have accepted. pero natuwa rin kasi ako, i was going to get colorful stuff and for free too! guess it’s not too bad kasi sabi ni cindy neechan, my team mate who’s a bassist, mura lang naman daw yun, say less than a hundred? hahaha, justified na ha!

hahaha! iba iba pala ang kapal ng mga picks. i like the thinner ones, parang mas madaling gamitin. nasan na ba ang instructor kong si marv?  minsan talaga nagiging masaya na ko sa mga maliliit na bagay tulad nito. eh kung tissue nga, napapasaya ako. hahaha! so eun, i have guitar picks to share if anyone wants, keke?

yun lang.

♥ melai

sexy kitteh

today is miming’s 24th birthday! at dahil hapon ka, otanjoubi omedeto! and here comes the yearly line i give in his birthday posts… mukha kasi siyang pusa tapos nung bago pa lang kaming magkakilala kinukuskos niya yung ulo niya sa mga tao… ayun, eh para talagang pusa kaya naman tinawag ko siyang miming.

bakit ganyan ang pixxor this year? kasi, he’s grown… meh maskels na si miming. nga pala, credits to for the pix. teka, did i mention na meh maskels na siya? hahaha. he’s grown as a person too. madami daw changes na nangyari sa buhay niya. i don’t know how he keeps up with it, we haven’t talked that much nor seen each other that much… at dun dun dun… kapitbahay ko lang siya! wahahaha!

hay nako, laging maliligo at magsabon ha? kumain ng marami wag lang noodles! happy birthday miming! …always be a good cat.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.