salt and maki

Posted on: August 20, 2010

before and after at bigoli

no i’m not talking about sushi. wahehehe! maki (second pixxor) is one of my best friends waaaay back in elementary. o diba? at niinvite nya akong manood ng sine so heto! we had dinner first at bigoli… chicken, pasta, pizza… the works. nom nom nom. wala ng space yung chan ko para sa gelato. bweeeh, i eat a lot now! good good!

we talked mostly about debed and shane and old school mates from fhla. mind, maki is one of the smartest students our school has ever produced. debed beat me at academics… maki beat debed in academics. i beat them at co-curricular. wahahahaha! love them both though… nareremind tuloy ako ng graduation natin!

anyhoo, nanood kami ng salt afterwards which was kind of cool. i know it’s kind of late… watching salt pero sa schedule ko halos wala ng oras para makadaan sa mall… even for groceries. pero, ganda naman nung movie, sexy woman jumping off trucks and still looking pretty. hahaha! what i liked most about it though is that it shows how love can change a person’s decisions and way of thinking.

i really enjoyed this day out. thanks so much for the wonderful time, maki! i’m really looking forward to our photo shoot! wheeee~!

yun lang.

♥ melai


4 Responses to "salt and maki"

next tym sama ako sa inyo:) ang daming fud…hehehe

sige po, libre nyo po kami… wahahaha. >^.^<

Oi! Si Micah!

siya nga! hahaha! >^.^<

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