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sinamahan ko si max last friday sa mall para bumili ng regalo sa pamangkin nya… soon to be niece? i like shopping with max, for some reason she’s in tune with my quirks. we even get the same stuff sometimes at minsan pareho pa kami ng status sa facebook. we ended up getting a cutesy, colorful rag doll… after much deliberation and to the amusement of the whole blue magic staff. hahaha!

chocolate cake … bawal sa maysakit, kaya nakasimangot yung haponesa. lumamon yung chekwa (sorry po!) hehehe!

we had merienda at ucc. i bought this pretty chocolate cake and max had coffee with lots of that foamy stuff. the cake was really good! sugar turns on our evil little modes at meh sakit pa si max nyan ha. surprisingly, hindi namin napag-usapan ang dati naming sweldo. hehehe. we talked about how beautiful a person can be… and that there are just some people who are attracted to a certain beauty that they forget or do not see the beauty in other things. alam ko magulo but this was the most meaningful talk i had all week… kahit pa-joke pa. ito yung mga usapang sa bandang huli eh mapapa “honga noh!” ka.

oh well, till our next date, beb.

yun lang. i’m extremely lucky with my friends.

♥ melai

guess who’s got a six string on her back?

this girl taylor, me, and my sister’s basement

pretty birthday gift here from my sister… an electroacoustic guitar! wheeee! it’s a nice surprise. this is my very first guitar! tapos ang tagal tagal ko ng gustong magkaroon ng exchange lessons with max and marv na gagawin daw akong android. i shall test their patience! hehehe! been focused on typography and a little vector art on the side, so this is a refreshing change. hahaha, selos si henry.

anyway, i’m naming it taylor after taylor swift of course! hahaha, no frontin’ dun even! i’m not familiar with this instrument so hindi ko alam kung ano ang magandang standards para sa mga experts but taylor gives out pretty deep sounds when i tried plucking and it’s got a nice glossy black color too which i kind of like… not really particular with the brown ones. i’m also amazed at the built in tuner. pero it’s kind of heavy though, compared to henry… lol. malamang! but it doesn’t hurt my right arm as much since wala namang bow.

so eun… i’m extremely happy with it. my sister added a cutesy nail file from the faceshop too! hahaha! i’m trimming my nails for this… gonna pick up henry na rin. guess i’m back to tuning my rainbow. let’s go, melaikick!

yun lang.

♥ melai


i did have a penchant for rabbits. uhm kasi uhm… hahaha! i received some new headgear from a friend who knows i liked rabbits. my hair’s grown i should tie it more often daw… so this is an obligatory blog post… well, one of those posts. he gave me some more… waaaah. o ayan!

i’m wearing an usamimi headband, a relatively recent japanese trend. it’s bendable and the tips turn into rabbit ears. this one’s white with stars in it. cute cute. o lagi na kong magtatali ng buhok,  i want more of these ha… heee!

yung lang.

♥ melai


i was wearing a tube, keh?


ahm… wahahaha! ewan ko na lang ha. kasi, i’m doing my best to strengthen my body. i dance almost every other day at itinakwil ko na ang softdrinks pero namelai (see terminology if you haven’t read my blog before, lol.) na naman ako kanina… huhuhu. i’m certain that this is not another panic attack too, dahil super ok naman ang workday ko at wala akong kaaway na customer.

they rushed me to makati med, ang lupain ng mga gwapong nurse… kea lang lahat sila bading (no offense meant, hihi!). di ko masyadong naintindihan yung duktor na tumingin sakin, ang bilis niyang magsalita… eh umiikot na ang earth ng mga panahong yon so di ko rin siya pinansin. sinaksakan nila ko ng kung anu-anong gamot. teka lalawayan ko sarili ko… drug-flavored melai. yum!

the only thing i know is that there’s something swollen somewhere near my left rib… doctor put me off dancing for a few weeks. tsk tsk. sabi ni joolee, lugi daw healthcard sakin. lol. so eun, hope this is the end of it. i thank everyone who helped me… sencya na kung nag-alala kayo. rabuuu.

yun lang. heal nyo naman akuuu please?

♥ melai

i bring you the wind’s sweet kiss

i bought a nice fuurin from saizen some days back… a fuurin is a japanese wind bell thingy, made of glass, that they use in the summer to remind them of the wind… binili ko siya for the same reason except summer’s already over here.

nung binabayaran ko na siya, the lady at the counter tried to give me a different one kasi daw it was supposed to have some design on it. i got my fuurin from underneath some frog and fish ones which bothered me. i told her i’d buy the design-less one. it looks really simple but i think that’s what makes it beautiful.

it has a calming and comforting sound too… brings back certain wonderful memories. nga pala, meron siyang paper… to catch the wind, i’ll ask my bestfriends to write something on it when they come over. i know i know, super simpleng bagay lang nito… but i’m just really happy with it, and if something brings us happiness shouldn’t we treasure it? hihihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai

before and after at bigoli

no i’m not talking about sushi. wahehehe! maki (second pixxor) is one of my best friends waaaay back in elementary. o diba? at niinvite nya akong manood ng sine so heto! we had dinner first at bigoli… chicken, pasta, pizza… the works. nom nom nom. wala ng space yung chan ko para sa gelato. bweeeh, i eat a lot now! good good!

we talked mostly about debed and shane and old school mates from fhla. mind, maki is one of the smartest students our school has ever produced. debed beat me at academics… maki beat debed in academics. i beat them at co-curricular. wahahahaha! love them both though… nareremind tuloy ako ng graduation natin!

anyhoo, nanood kami ng salt afterwards which was kind of cool. i know it’s kind of late… watching salt pero sa schedule ko halos wala ng oras para makadaan sa mall… even for groceries. pero, ganda naman nung movie, sexy woman jumping off trucks and still looking pretty. hahaha! what i liked most about it though is that it shows how love can change a person’s decisions and way of thinking.

i really enjoyed this day out. thanks so much for the wonderful time, maki! i’m really looking forward to our photo shoot! wheeee~!

yun lang.

♥ melai

they say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist, wahahaha. at nagdate kami ni max ngayon, pareho kasi kami ng off and since she was planning to buy make-up… no, hoard make-up is a better phrase… so i decided to tag along. we had late lunch at…

pancake house … that’s bacon asparagus pasta, max, and my fat face (huzzah!) hehe, gusto kong tumaba eh. as usual, we mulled over our favorite topics… yung dati naming sweldo, nyahaha ; stalkers ; and food! i missed max so much, so tuwang tuwa ako when we had random bouts of taylor swift while walking around the mall. that’s what i like about her, when i start singing, she continues the song (or vice-versa) and then we do the chorus together. hahaha! i missed looking at other people’s fashion with her too.

so eun, she got her loot… tons of make-up at bagong payong. on the other hand i got some stuff from etude house and the face shop and a new pair of shorts which i chanced upon when max had already left. mejo, naadik ako ngayon sa shorts for some reason. we had merienda at…

krispy kreme … si max at ang super mahal na tropicana at ako na pacute bago lamunin ang doughnut na may kitkat. hahaha! so today was a fun and blessed day with a loved one. let’s do this more often, beb. hihihi!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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