lights, camera, shworla!

Posted on: July 13, 2010

i was dodging some tampo beams because some of my friends wouldn’t be able to come to our dinner thing. i sorely miss them. sabi nila, there’s always facebook pero online chat is always subject for misinterpretation and is waaay too limited. nothing beats being able to talk and laugh, hug, and bond… in person… with the people you love. pero it turned out real fun and ended really nicely.

nagkita muna kami ni max sa mall para mag-grocery. pagdating sa pasta, max makes the best ones! and i thought my other friends should try whatever pasta dish she’d make that day. kasama din niya ang kanyang bagong boyfriend (so sorry, fans.) whom we shall call and forever will be referred to in this blog as… dun dun dun… ‘pag-ibig’. the name was given by miming. hahaha!

we ate max’s carbonara na super sarap (pag-ibig is one lucky guy) and the usual kfc. siyempre, nabinyagan na naman ang carpet ko ng gravy! afterwards, usap usap tungkol sa nakaraan at sa kasalukuyang mga isyu ng barkada at kaibigan. sobrang masaya ako na makita sila… sobra. ay sinabi ko na pala. i had loved and will love them habang buhay noh.

so eun, tapos camwhoring galore! miming liked my darling baby webcam… or so i think. lol, there were around 116 photos, 50+ photos sa kanya lang! we played with my headbands tapos make-up chervams by nowie. ang galing na niya mag-make up! and i’m kind of envious, all i have is blush and lip balm… nyahahaha! they liked my cute cat headband the most i guess, tapos it was the most common in all the pixxors, parang meh running theme. hehehe. so here are the kittehs!

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melaikick … i am teh boss kitteh!

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thelordshimazu … and this is teh lord kitteh. how powerful she is…

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nowie … and this one is a malanding kitteh! who is soon leaving for dubai. huhuhu. send us some sand and havaianas, nowie!

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miming … well, he just looks like a cat. period.

we ended the day… well, the usual way. my room looked like it was raided by the fbi. we also wound up watching a korean drama, suggested by nowie, which was a romantic comedy. it was absolutely funny at kaka-kilig that it stalled them from going home say around two or three hours. kidnap is nice, every now and then… nyahahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "lights, camera, shworla!"

ang sad kasi d ko nakapunta to think na ako p nagyaya. unexpected kasi tong trip ko eh. can WE do this again hen i get back? mishu all. special shoutout to max and nowie! swimming tyo for healhty lungs and sexeeh underwater shots. labyu melai sana di ka tampo sakin.

i just felt sad for a bit pero masaya naman yung mga pinaggagawa namin. gusto ko rin ng formal na photoshoot though… ^^

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