nung magluto ako ng itlog part tuu!

Posted on: July 1, 2010

hehehe, this is the sequel to this post. ok, so i bought an excess of eggs a few days back, eh di lutuin! chef melai is back in the house y’all! pero…, my sister actually taught me to how make deviled eggs. deviled daw kasi maanghang. so here goes…

run devil egg run by melaikick (snsd inspired?)

step 1: patayin yung mga itlog… i mean boil the eggs. kailangan cute yung mga itlog, kasi pag hindi, ibang itlog na yan. lol. make sure na super hard boiled para matanggal yung yolk ng maayos, keh?

step 2: cut the eggs lengthwise… parang papel kapag meh long quiz sa school (no, i am not a high school student!!!). take out the yolk too.

step 3: mash the yolk tapos, mix with mayonnaise at konting asin. pwede ring mustard.

step 4: go stuff the mixture back to the eggs tapos it’s your call kung anong gusto mong spice na ilagay… mine has paprika.

step 5: serve chilled! wheeeee! they turned out nicely. heeee! tapos lamunin… nom nom nom…

wahehe! oi, nag-improve naman mula sa piniritong itlog, noh. deviled eggs are just simple appetizers… hey, i’m just getting started on these cooking chervams but imma try some main dishes soon.

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "nung magluto ako ng itlog part tuu!"

mahusay! sa totoo lang, di ko alam kung ano ang lasa ng paprika… North o South pAprika ba yan? LOL. masubukan nga. alam mo naman tayo dito, napipilitan magluto dahil wala ng maglulutong iba. 😀 LOL. ayun. susubukan ko nga to!

hahaha. maanghang! eh di +1000 cooking skillz ka na! >^.^<

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