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6:06 AM 7/30/2010 … it’s time for another melai by the numbers … 25 years old na ko bukas. tumatanda na ko! ang bilis ng panahon, parang kahapon lang kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko na nagtitiis sa maliit kong bahay, lumalamon ng kfc at cake… i’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. wala munang kick party, maybe just some quiet dinners. ay honga pala, heto na yung results ko from that old facebook application…

I was born on a Wednesday and since my birthday…
I’ve been living for 24 years
I’ve been living for 300 months
I’ve been living for 1,304 weeks
I’ve been living for 9,129 days
I’ve been living for 219,114 hours
I’ve been living for 13,146,843 minutes
I’ve been living for 788,810,622 seconds
I’ve breathed more than 125,000,100 times!
I’ve blinked my eyes more than 132,500,100 times!
My heart has beaten more than 920,279,010 times!

i’m really fortunate to have a heart that’s beaten more than 900 million times. (and i want to say hi to the person who owns it!) so eun, i’m really looking forward to tomorrow. sweet cakes, here i come!

yun lang muna. update soon, kekeke.

♥ melai

7/31/2010 … i woke up to 152 notifications in facebook and i’d lost count after that. lol. my phone also went crazy with all the text messages. so… maraming maraming salamat sa mga greetings, sa lahat ng nakaalala. i love you all! so…dahil ayaw kong mag-kick party this year, i decided to have dinners with my closest friends instead.

with max at max’s … lol.

first up, dinner with max at max’s! hahaha. idk, wala pa kaming isang taon na magkakilala ni max pero super gaan ng loob ko sa babaeng yan. so eun, we ordered like fussy college students, cute waiter was amused. we had chicken bbq and ube cream decadence which became my cake! om nom nom nom nom! tapos, usap usap… our favorite topics like how underpaid we were with our previous company. lololol. and of course, the girly stuff… rabuuuu, beb!

chocolate belgian bliss … om nom nom!

followed by dinner with debed… sa bahay ko. for my readers who don’t know debed… he’s my bestfriend from the old days. grade two pa kami magkakilala at lagi kaming magkatabi sa school rites (always beat me at academics … remember that tag, debed?) that’s us eating chocolate belgian bliss! super sarap nyan i swear because debed’s very finicky. anyway, i’ll have a seperate post about that ice cream in a few days, kekeke?

we talked about tons of stuff too… from our old lives in bulacan and to what we are now and what could have become of our old friends and classmates. and what i like most about debed is that he has different insights to everything. he’s a film director and teacher by the way.

then dinner with miming and his friend mark. ay sos, cheapest dinner… jollibee! wahahahahahaahahah. mr. mayor, sir… we need more food joints here. it was a short dinner but i’m happy to pester them with my cellphone’s cleaner strap. hahaha, same old same old, still annoyed with the way i’m attached to cute things.

all in all, this was an extremely happy birthday. yap, foods and laugh fests with my favorite people in the world… i’m all smiles.

yun lang.

♥ melai


watch the stars with joo … please view this using firefox. ie and safari destroy my codes. thank you.

because today i was really missing a person i had wanted to do stargazing with. i hope he’s faring well though… maybe, just maybe, someday we’d see each other again under a nice starry evening sky.

anyways, i’m finally getting the hang of adobe illustrator. the little vector monsters are supposedly on mars though, kaya may red yung gradient. i’m naming them monta and moshi moshi. hahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

boss lady

look what i found at the mall today (well, yesterday na…)! it’s “the boss!” hihihi. ayan meh idadagdag na ko sa ref ko! aside from melaikick, i’m also called boss while max is called lord. the name was given by heyjude kasi daw nung una daw niya kong nakita eh mukha daw akong bossy, it kind of stuck. eh di tawag ko naman sa kanya employee… hahaha. tapos lagi kong hinihingan ng kape.

on the other hand, it has a different meaning kapag kami ni max… yung parang sa mmorpgs, enemy based battle chervams. so boss lang ako, eh pano pa kaya si max na lord. hahaha! eun wala lang, i’m just really happy with it.

yun lang. boss fight?

♥ melai

tuna and tomato pasta … om nom nom nom!

sorry for the puffy eyes… kanikanina lang may nagcompliment sakin sa formspring pero kakatapos lang ng crying spree ko niyan. hahaha!  usually, kapag stressed si max kumakain siya and since my sister and i were going to meet eh di sabi ko kakain nalang ako! my sister likes french stuff so much, i decided to bring her to a french themed restaurant, la coeur du france (the heart of france, pronounced like this… la kur du fronz, lol).

but… they serve italian food. lol! pasta primavera ba naman inorder ng kapatid ko. i had tuna and tomato pasta. it was really good and the chef served it pa. this reminded me of french class though way back in college,  je m’appelle melaikick, comment tu t’apelle? pity they didn’t teach the waitress basic french greetings… hehehe, yung parang sa tokyo tokyo, sisigawan ka ng konnichiwaaaaa! oh well. good food though, i’m definitely going back for the nice tarts and pastries. nom nom nom.

yun lang.

♥ melai

yesterday, i’ve met with my old high school classmates, they are all beautiful beautiful people. so many people had called me by my real name, melai is just a nickname, keh. it felt a bit weird and somehow it sounded sweet and pretty. my real name is carmelle, (hindi melanie, as many of you think) similar to the candy made of cooked sugar and butter and milk… being able to hear it again though, i had some realizations and a decision…

but let me go on first with the story of how i got to those… it was lucky, i was able to see rio, together with his lovely girlfriend. i haven’t seen him for eight years. bully pa rin! he is leaving for the states today… being his madaldal self, he kept asking about how we are and what is going on in our lives. he is such a speaker, he would be able to charm everything out of you, lol. then it dawned on me, he was talking to me as carmelle … not melai, who is certainly different.

i realized then that i had lost my identity to the person that i have loved so dearly. everything that he liked, i would like too… even his little quirks. well, it can’t be helped, he is such a bright star twinkling in front of me. i guess i’ve drowned so much in his light, that i forgot that i had my own personality. it felt that if i lost him, then there was no point in me…

but now, this star is going away to a place i could not reach and i stand here crying. he’s leaving me behind, even though i’ve held onto him until the very end…  but then again, having someone throw away someone they love… is not love. making someone you love go away… is not love. and so,  even though it’s so painful that i feel as if my heart would explode, i am letting go…

to you, i know you’d be able to read this somehow… i just wish you wouldn’t lose someone precious to you too. when you left me behind, i was screaming i love you! but you can’t hear it, because i’m only yelling it inside my heart. i love you and always will but for now…

goodbye, love.

yun lang.

♥ melai

makati is a real nice place but somehow it makes me sad right now… there aren’t any stars in makati, what you will see when you look up are lights from the buildings… i miss being able to watch them from our rooftop, while sipping cold teas. my schedule wont permit. ***sigh***

but i… could really really use a wish right now. starless skies ba? improvise nalang ako…

i wish for ********… we can work this out, stay by my side.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i was dodging some tampo beams because some of my friends wouldn’t be able to come to our dinner thing. i sorely miss them. sabi nila, there’s always facebook pero online chat is always subject for misinterpretation and is waaay too limited. nothing beats being able to talk and laugh, hug, and bond… in person… with the people you love. pero it turned out real fun and ended really nicely.

nagkita muna kami ni max sa mall para mag-grocery. pagdating sa pasta, max makes the best ones! and i thought my other friends should try whatever pasta dish she’d make that day. kasama din niya ang kanyang bagong boyfriend (so sorry, fans.) whom we shall call and forever will be referred to in this blog as… dun dun dun… ‘pag-ibig’. the name was given by miming. hahaha!

we ate max’s carbonara na super sarap (pag-ibig is one lucky guy) and the usual kfc. siyempre, nabinyagan na naman ang carpet ko ng gravy! afterwards, usap usap tungkol sa nakaraan at sa kasalukuyang mga isyu ng barkada at kaibigan. sobrang masaya ako na makita sila… sobra. ay sinabi ko na pala. i had loved and will love them habang buhay noh.

so eun, tapos camwhoring galore! miming liked my darling baby webcam… or so i think. lol, there were around 116 photos, 50+ photos sa kanya lang! we played with my headbands tapos make-up chervams by nowie. ang galing na niya mag-make up! and i’m kind of envious, all i have is blush and lip balm… nyahahaha! they liked my cute cat headband the most i guess, tapos it was the most common in all the pixxors, parang meh running theme. hehehe. so here are the kittehs!

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melaikick … i am teh boss kitteh!

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thelordshimazu … and this is teh lord kitteh. how powerful she is…

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nowie … and this one is a malanding kitteh! who is soon leaving for dubai. huhuhu. send us some sand and havaianas, nowie!

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miming … well, he just looks like a cat. period.

we ended the day… well, the usual way. my room looked like it was raided by the fbi. we also wound up watching a korean drama, suggested by nowie, which was a romantic comedy. it was absolutely funny at kaka-kilig that it stalled them from going home say around two or three hours. kidnap is nice, every now and then… nyahahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.