an epic of epic epicness

Posted on: June 28, 2010


melaikick is a total babe … of course.

i’m really really really…, oo na, looking forward to watching this movie. scott pilgrim is actually a comic book, an absolutely cool one. hehehe. impressed ako sa artwork eh.  it’s about a dude in a band… oh yes, i’m using the word ‘dude’, who has to defeat this really cute girl’s league of exes. basically, it’s like battling it out arcade style. for example, when hero says ‘i love you’ to the girl, he gains xp points. lol.

si michael cera yung lead, cute siya and i liked him in juno… so hyeah! tapos, the movie’s tagline is ‘an epic of epic epicness’, one of the other reasons i like this… it reminds me of my n00bcakes. ahaha! here’s an i-miss-you shoutout to you all. they’re mine, get your own set of epic friends, kekeke? hahaha!

anyway, i checked out the official website, and it has an avatar creator. and i wasn’t able to resist making mine… and i made mine into a total babe… or at least, that’s how i’d impose epic on my theoretical face. wahahaha. make yours here.

yun lang. i’m totes gonna watch this!

♥ melai


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