my darling baby cp

Posted on: June 16, 2010

i… labs… my darling baby cp! other pixxorz here.

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

samsung corby wheeee~! i finally bought the s3653 and i’m pretty happy with it. nga pala, i don’t do reviews… gusto ko lang i-share ang mga bagay bagay so if you’re looking for specs, click ka dito. at siyempre, binili ko siya dahil cute. lol. ano pa nga ba? that’s the primary reason anyway. hehehe. eh cute akoooo! *ubo ubo* i got the romantic pink one… that’s what it says on the box noh.

it has nice features pero simple lang yung mga gusto ko like the really big touchscreen which is around two inches. bulag eh, imma get contacts soon! i also like the way the camera has a panorama shot. (that’ll be on another post, though…) gondooo! the alarm is pretty cool too, up to ten alarms! bawal malate! and finally, it has google maps… madalas akong maligaw. ahaha! so this comes handy when i’m searching for places like the frakkin philheath building. hahaha.

gusto ko na ang samsung ever since i bought my ref and i’m partial to korean stuff. hahaha. kind sirs and ma’am from samsung, please sponsor me? special thanks to miming for putting the sim card in… medyo mahirap siyang buksan. oh and i really want to keep in touch, if perchance you’re reading this at friend kita… lol… pm me? i’d appreciate it. heeee~!

yun lang.

♥ melai


3 Responses to "my darling baby cp"

Good health to your hands

mas gusto ko pa din ung orange~ saka sayang wala na ung promo ng cherry mobile :))

eh naman to… it doesn’t suit my skin tone. hahaha!

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