melaikick survivor bernardino hospital

Posted on: June 9, 2010

for some weird reason meron akong mga sakit na kakaiba… pero cute ako. lol. i actually have breast masses… kala nyo lang wala akong boobs, pero meron. hahaha. after being on observation for a few months, they had to be removed. at ito na ang simula ng melaikick survivor edition ko sa bernardino hospital.

3:30 PM 6/5/2010 … nagpunta ako sa bernardino hospital ulit para ipaapprove yung hmo thingy ko… the nurses are really nice, well, the male ones and were kind of manyak. ahaha, idk if it’s just me but when i entered the emergency room (my doctor is a surgeon, of course) this afternoon, they all stood up and were grinning like chesire cats at me.

they were specially attentive too, a different treatment from the other patients, who were mostly old people. i’m saying this because the others had to fall in line and go to this department and what not… but the male nurse closest to me had processed my papers. di ko na kailangang pumila. hahaha. or maybe they were just friendly… my doctor is really funny too. kind of like an older version of miming… very bouncy and jolly with manyak tendencies. hahaha.

habang consultation
doc > naoperahan na kita diba?
melaikick > hindi pa po…
doc > ikaw yung merong bukol sa suso diba?
melaikick > opo…
doc > o naoperahan na nga kita!
melaikick > hindi pa nga po…
doc > naoperahan na kita eh!
tawa tawa tawa tapos sabay tanong kung kelan ko gustong maoperahan… lolz.

9:30 AM 6/8/2010 … they prepped me up first tapos anaesthesia. huhuhu. half naked, people looking at your boobs, and cutting you… not exactly the time of my life… hehehe. it was nothing short of torture… para sakin. yung duktor ko naman para lang naglalaro or naghihiwa ng sushi.

as expected they thought i was still in high school. medyo nalungkot ako nung tanungin nila kung nasan mga kasama ko… because there were hordes of people waiting outside the or. pero no biggie… kailangan st0rong, yes? in the end, natapalan na naman ako. hahaha!

on the operating table after excision…
doc > o ok ka na?
melaikick > ahmmm…
doc 2 > (nakikiusyoso looks at my cysts) wow… yan mga alaga mo?
melaikick > -_-”’
doc, doc 2, at mga nurse > tawa tawa tawa!

i’m still waiting for the histogram results, though. sana ok naman. i looked at max’s status today, ahaha, pareho nanaman kami! …everything will be alright. go aja melai! oh, and just in case you’re looking for a surgeon though, i have a really good one (and funny at that), he’s like the head of some surgeon organization or something… wookie? just e-mail me.

yun lang.

‚ô• melai


4 Responses to "melaikick survivor bernardino hospital"

everything’s gonna be alright…
this too shall pass…

awww… thankshu. ^^

GL melai. Hugs and kisses.

thanks elli! mwahugs! >^.^<

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