my ideal man

Posted on: June 5, 2010


lolz. somebody asked this on my formspring and i’ve a good feeling who it is. hehehe. so here you go… ito pala yung gusto kong computer specs… este i guess characteristics of what my ideal man is… gahaha.

respectful … when you show respect, you get respect, right?

someone who appreciates my quirks … or at least can stand them. kasi, para sa akin chocolate is a food group ; the cutesy stuff that i do ; the way i buy stuff because they match… (i.e. i only buy hp) hahaha!

good manners … yung lilipat sa danger zone kapag tatawid sa kalsada, yung papaupuin ka muna bago siya, yung papayungan ka kapag umuulan, yung hahatid ka hanggang sa pintuan, yung ibibigay sayo yung jacket niya kapag maginaw, ahihi.

proud pr …  someone who is not diminished by achievements yung parang personal publicist mo na siya. yung ok lang kahit mas mataas ang sweldo mo, or mas mataas ang gpa mo at proud pa siya sayo.

encouragements and power hugs … yung kayang dumamay sayo kapag… hmmm… kapag may zombie attack. hehe, or something to that effect. saka someone who can hold me and won’t pull away, just wrapping me in his arms without an ounce of selfishness… oha oha!

cute … obvious?

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

bawal ang high school student. ahahaha!


2 Responses to "my ideal man"

at natawa ako sa HAYSKUL STUDENT! hahaha

ahahaha. kasi naman eh… ^^, i miss you joolee!

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