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melaikick is a total babe … of course.

i’m really really really…, oo na, looking forward to watching this movie. scott pilgrim is actually a comic book, an absolutely cool one. hehehe. impressed ako sa artwork eh.  it’s about a dude in a band… oh yes, i’m using the word ‘dude’, who has to defeat this really cute girl’s league of exes. basically, it’s like battling it out arcade style. for example, when hero says ‘i love you’ to the girl, he gains xp points. lol.

si michael cera yung lead, cute siya and i liked him in juno… so hyeah! tapos, the movie’s tagline is ‘an epic of epic epicness’, one of the other reasons i like this… it reminds me of my n00bcakes. ahaha! here’s an i-miss-you shoutout to you all. they’re mine, get your own set of epic friends, kekeke? hahaha!

anyway, i checked out the official website, and it has an avatar creator. and i wasn’t able to resist making mine… and i made mine into a total babe… or at least, that’s how i’d impose epic on my theoretical face. wahahaha. make yours here.

yun lang. i’m totes gonna watch this!

♥ melai


the house bunnies … ako den? ek, miming pala ko… i just finished making these felt bunnies today at ginawa ko silang merienda… ahehehe! since i acquired some new felt from saizen last friday and i’m too lazy to drag my ass outside and i’m currently reading some mahou (magical) shoujo manga with lots of bunny stuff, eh di gawa nalang ako ng kuneho. amf.  thought i’d deviate from pastels, solid primary colors naman. pero, cute pa rin! i’ve got a request to make a panda, will do that next.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’m kind of wanted to do something in illustrator, so i was looking around for inspiration. hyeah, sort of. hahaha. so… and i hope i don’t get into trouble, lagi akong maaga sa work, since i live far… it varies, sometimes i arrive 30 minutes to an hour earlier. so, since maaga ako a few days back and there was nothing to do… i roamed around our building…

i was staring at this wall with lots of statistics, and there was opt us. ganyan ko nalang siya spell. mind, i don’t work for opt us, kekeke. but it caught my eye because at first i thought it was octopus. bwehehehe! di na naalis sa isip ko na para talagang octopus kaya dahil diyan, please meet optee, the octopus! (the picture will not pull up in ie or safari, kekeke?)


i learned how to make an octopus in a basics tutorial i’ve chanced a few months back, but i can’t find it anymore… kind maám or sir who made the tut, if you see this, i will credit you. just pm me. wheeee! it’s all cccleaner’s fault. hahaha. ginawa ko nalang siyang pink and purply para naman happy and gay! sa palagay ko, it’s kind of nice being an octopus… they can hug eight at a time. octopus power huuuuug!

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’m just fond of the frakkin hat, the one i got from the toy convention … and cats for that matter. sabi ko sa last post ko na it will have a separate post. so heto! mahilig lang talaga ako sa mga ganito, it’s what makes me unique anyway and i won’t change for anyone… hala, depensib? hehe.

i’ve been wanting one since around april… lolz. i chose a red one with strawberry detail, i kind of find it sweet. si max naman, habang buhay ng pink. you can see hers in my last post.  i won’t wear it outdoors though, the way cham does, hehehe. oh, and i also bought a cat necklace and ring.

at sa bandang huli… eh di masaya meeee! simpleng kaligayahan lang, no frontin dun’ even! >^.^<

yun lang. miao.

♥ melai


i was wearing a tube, keh?

sunday, june 20, 2010 … since i had badly wanted that felt cap cham was wearing and i didn’t want the hassle of buying one from multiply and getting up from bed to answer the mailman, hehehe… i went to the 9th philippine toys, hobbies, and collectibles convention 2010 or simply, toycon… with max and jude.

chinese cat (left) ; japanese cat (right) … all pixxors are credited to jude. yehes, promoted ka na! check out his album here. although, you might need to add him as a friend in facebook. kekeke? so yes, nabili ko din yung felt cap… we wore them the whole day kaya naman we look like idiots and yes, it will have a separate post. lol. the day started out fine, same old route, same old mrt station, same old megatrade hall… hehehe. i used to assist for our school events there waaaaaay back in college.

i don’t know… sabak yata kami sa iraq, with kitty hats. hahaha!

so… we battled our way through gothic lolitas, super cute nung iba… frills and all ; there were sword-wielding people ; and ugly versions of naruto… hahaha! nung nakapasok kami, sobrang dami pa ring tao, kailangan ko pang kumapit keh max para di ako mawala. akala ko hindi kami mag-eenjoy. but there were so many interesting things and i have never seen so many toys in my life. ay, kaya nga toycon… lol.

siyempre, andun na yung mga cosplayers. there was one girl who came as … dun dun dun … spongebob! i thought she was cute ; tapos merong plants versus zombies stuff ; the kitty felt hats that made me go there in the first place ; marvel mannequins that smell like rubber but otherwise ozumm… ; manga, piles and piles of ’em! but the most interesting finds, para sakin ha, are these…

majin buu and little sasuke

i found majin buu in a small corner secretly hiding from potential buyers. hahaha! hay, ang mahal mahal mo majin buu! but ain’t he adorable? kamukha kasi siya ni ken, yung kapatid ni max. pareho silang malambooot. on the other hand, we found little sasuke outside the megatrade hall. minsan, may mga batang cool ang magulang, hahaha. nagpaalam muna kami sa nanay niya, kekeke? he reminded me of the boy in this post. he might just grow up like him.

we were almost out of the megatrade hall nung marealize ni max na nawala yung phone niya. so kind organizers from the toycon event, kahit meh pagka-imposible, maybe this is one thing we can improve on? security chervams? but hey, good times lie ahead. meh wants to go to the next one, wheee!

yun lang.

♥ melai


a shoutout to my n00bcakes, imy! bihisan ko kayo next cosplay event? plit plit!

hello makati! … these are actually two pictures each, combined together using the panorama shot on my samsung corby. this is the feature that i love most on my phone. yung unang pic, sign sa construction area, which i think is a nice way to promote the city ; the second one is the view from buendia station. hehehe. mrt, you are the bane of my existence.

one month na rin akong pagulong gulong sa makati and i find the city crazy… in a way that it’s fantastic. for one thing, ang daming pagkain! ahaha. mainit nga lang kahit umaga pa lang and there aren’t any stars at night. pero eun, more on this soon, i just dropped by to say hello.

yun lang.

♥ melai

i… labs… my darling baby cp! other pixxorz here.

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

samsung corby wheeee~! i finally bought the s3653 and i’m pretty happy with it. nga pala, i don’t do reviews… gusto ko lang i-share ang mga bagay bagay so if you’re looking for specs, click ka dito. at siyempre, binili ko siya dahil cute. lol. ano pa nga ba? that’s the primary reason anyway. hehehe. eh cute akoooo! *ubo ubo* i got the romantic pink one… that’s what it says on the box noh.

it has nice features pero simple lang yung mga gusto ko like the really big touchscreen which is around two inches. bulag eh, imma get contacts soon! i also like the way the camera has a panorama shot. (that’ll be on another post, though…) gondooo! the alarm is pretty cool too, up to ten alarms! bawal malate! and finally, it has google maps… madalas akong maligaw. ahaha! so this comes handy when i’m searching for places like the frakkin philheath building. hahaha.

gusto ko na ang samsung ever since i bought my ref and i’m partial to korean stuff. hahaha. kind sirs and ma’am from samsung, please sponsor me? special thanks to miming for putting the sim card in… medyo mahirap siyang buksan. oh and i really want to keep in touch, if perchance you’re reading this at friend kita… lol… pm me? i’d appreciate it. heeee~!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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