the walls of shimazu

Posted on: May 24, 2010

max had been wanting her room revamped for weeks. she’d been looking for designs while i look at food on tumblr. hahaha. with patience and bouts of taylor swift choruses, she was able to find a design that was perfect for her room. di ako nakapunta sa pagpinta sa pink and white walls niya kasi i had to be in makati, pero nakaabot ako sa paglagay ng decals niya.

we ate lunch first… tuna and rice! tapos pinagbihis ako ni max ng lumang shirt niya from school of saint anthony… tapos reminisce silang dalawa ni jude about their good old high school days. hahaha. gusto pala ni max ng bilog bilog sa room niya… we had to make stencils. so +1000 cutting skillz! i bought my wusthof scissors… they transform into knives. hehehe. (it’s a gift though, i can’t afford them. lol.) and jude… he bought his dslr and girls generation merchandise. hahaha!

ang unang bilog … we gave up on the stencils kasi kumakalat so +1000 painting skillz! max has a wonderful color palette of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and lime green. siya na rin ang nagsabi na bading na bading yung room niya, maski siya nababadingan. hahaha. it’s really cute.

circles … it’s gonna end up something like this, just more circles. that’s kuya mel (i call him kuya. lolz.) and ken. it was also a day of camwhoring… basta’t nanjan ang empleyado kong camera man! hahaha. yung isang wall ni max, super white lang talaga at malamang forever na siyang ganun for pixxorz.

melaikick and the wall … my favorite picture at “the wall”. but for the fanboys, max has a whole lot more here. this links to jude’s facebook photo album but i think you need to be friends with him… or something like that. the day ended with fried chicken for dinner! good way to end it, imo… i’m happy how max’s decals turned out real pretty. looking forward to making tambay there again.

yun lang.

♥ melai


9 Responses to "the walls of shimazu"

invite nio ko kung di nio maview 😀

kahit stalker ni yoona mo? hehe.

bawal!!!!!!!!!ako ang kanyang tagapagtanggol! *bioman pose*

uhm… ***gets gun… shoots employee*** hehe.

wow ang cute melai and max! congrachumelaysheeeens! sana ginawa niyong mukhang lollipop yung circles para mas mukhang badingerz. 😀 sama ako sa pictorials puhleeeeaase?

ahihi. thanks much jang! nakow, kung lollipop yan para na talagang girls generation (which max despises, pero she looks like one of the members). pictorials, sige! sorry nagkaaberya yung kick party ko. resked natin… >^.^<

ewan ko ba ano bang masama sa snsd :/

weeeeeeeee… thanks a bunch beb! iwabsue!♥

i labshu tuuu!

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