happy birthday jang!

Posted on: May 3, 2010

the first time i saw jang… natakot ako sa kanya. hahaha. she seemed like a really strong woman, yung parang bossy. turns out she is really really kind and caring. and i like her a lot. there was one time she knocked on my door just to check up on me… hehe (made sure i didn’t eat some prawns or something) she’s a person who likes cute things too… hahaha! meh kakampi na rin ako.

today is jang’s 23rd birthday! i made some line art (sort of making a picture look cartoon-y but in a pretty way) of her… wahehe, ninakaw ko yung pixxor niya from her multiply. she’s absolutely beautiful, yes?

cheers jang! this is my very first attempt at lining and shadowing… i hope you like it, sencya na this is the only thing i could think of… kasi naman, nilo gives you everything. hahaha. nilovesher forever!  happy happy birthday to you!

yun lang.

♥ melai


6 Responses to "happy birthday jang!"

wow melai, thanks sobra. 😀 i shall steal this from your multiply and imma make this my profile pic okaaaay? i looooove it! 😀 thanks for the friendship. the trust, the secrets, the nonsense chats, the gossips, everything. remember im always here for you, kami ni nilo. let’s see each other more often ha. yey thanks again. this is really sweet.

ps. bossy ba ko??? hindi nga?! hahaha. sabi ni nilo first impressions last hahaha

this put a really big smile on my face! ahihi. labshu jang! di ka bossy, yun lang first impression ko… you turned out to be the opposite. lol. mwaaaaaaah! >^.^<

woah woah wait! Pano kayo magkakilala ni Jang? I’m confused…

hahaha! jang’s boyfriend is my friend… at ngayon, kapitbahay ko na sila! >^.^<

ODKP! (o diyos ko po), it’s a small world after all 🙂 Hope you’re doing great! Saw your noobcakes site, good job!

ahaha! i’m good! ikaw i’m sure ok na ok ka jan! ma-chat ka nga minsan… >^.^<

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