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max had been wanting her room revamped for weeks. she’d been looking for designs while i look at food on tumblr. hahaha. with patience and bouts of taylor swift choruses, she was able to find a design that was perfect for her room. di ako nakapunta sa pagpinta sa pink and white walls niya kasi i had to be in makati, pero nakaabot ako sa paglagay ng decals niya.

we ate lunch first… tuna and rice! tapos pinagbihis ako ni max ng lumang shirt niya from school of saint anthony… tapos reminisce silang dalawa ni jude about their good old high school days. hahaha. gusto pala ni max ng bilog bilog sa room niya… we had to make stencils. so +1000 cutting skillz! i bought my wusthof scissors… they transform into knives. hehehe. (it’s a gift though, i can’t afford them. lol.) and jude… he bought his dslr and girls generation merchandise. hahaha!

ang unang bilog … we gave up on the stencils kasi kumakalat so +1000 painting skillz! max has a wonderful color palette of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and lime green. siya na rin ang nagsabi na bading na bading yung room niya, maski siya nababadingan. hahaha. it’s really cute.

circles … it’s gonna end up something like this, just more circles. that’s kuya mel (i call him kuya. lolz.) and ken. it was also a day of camwhoring… basta’t nanjan ang empleyado kong camera man! hahaha. yung isang wall ni max, super white lang talaga at malamang forever na siyang ganun for pixxorz.

melaikick and the wall … my favorite picture at “the wall”. but for the fanboys, max has a whole lot more here. this links to jude’s facebook photo album but i think you need to be friends with him… or something like that. the day ended with fried chicken for dinner! good way to end it, imo… i’m happy how max’s decals turned out real pretty. looking forward to making tambay there again.

yun lang.

♥ melai


no frontin’ dun even. i made a felt tissue holder… i, uhm i… wahahaha. nakita ko yung felt kit sa saizen. i thought i’d try it. i know, cute na naman, but hey, at least it’s useful.

pwede ring clip?

it’s shaped like a bear and i love bears. i sewed it at work… so ibig sabihin, i finished it in eight hours. lol. max made the right ear though. there’s a small flap near the neck part of it where you put the tissue. no more of those flimsy plastic ones, yes? it was fun doing this though, kahit di ko maintindihan yung japanese text dun sa instructions. bunnies naman next!

yun lang.

♥ melai


otsukimi … “moon viewing” in japanese. di sakin yung pixxor though, this was taken by kim.

i received a text from cham round 7:00 pm… (thanks cham!)
“Tingin ka sa buwan now na ahehe. ang ganda”

so… inakyat ko ang tatlo pang palapag para makarating sa rooftop… i saw the most beautiful crescent moon. the sky wasn’t as dark as the one in the picture… it was purplish, and the moon had bluish undertones. then there was a star just above it, shining with all its might.

come to think of it, i haven’t looked at the moon for a very long time… puro stars? hahaha. they say the crescent moon symbolizes dreams coming true… well, the moon seemed to be smiling so… yeah. hahaha. it was real nice to see it that way… sublime… it made me feel happy and lucky at the same time.

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

my darling baby webcam

i bought the hp deluxe webcam today. di ko talaga kaya ang logitech sa ibabaw ng darling baby pc ko. hahaha. it’s so cool too! eight frakking megapixels! bought it primarily because i have to be able to send flying kisses to the cute boy over there. ***ubo ubo*** lol. it’s got a built in microphone too, so… max and i are gonna do some covers soon!

i had it on burst but on vga though for a test run. these were taken while i was talking to the cute boy over there… hahaha. it’s on vga but the quality is much better than the ones produced by the camera on my phone. oh well, kusina ang background ko. some more here.

it’s powersaving too i might add. haaamazing! di nga pala to review, so kung napadaan ka lang at naghahanap ng information, the full specs are here.

nyaw! :3 miming wants to say hi! lol. this was the last picture… was taken just as i opened lolcats at bumulaga sakin yung pusa. ahahaha! imma test out the rest of the features and the free art software later but i’m pretty happy with it na. kind sirs and ma’am from hp. please sponsor me? hehehe.

yun lang.

♥ melai

vote smart… kekeke. it’s been quite some time since i made one of these. the font is called cleanvertising… thought it would be perfect. malinis eh, gets? clipped the philippine flag for the font.

i won’t join those criticizing the candidates…  ahaha. napurga na ko sa dami. but if you do happen to read this post, please vote. bukas na ang botohan! less lost votes! i do hope everyone votes smartly… because if we don’t, bawal magcomplain, yes? hahaha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i’ve been getting requests to do this… so heto na poh! hahaha! cabal, bow. binabalik talaga ako sa nakalipas ng larong ito. at hindi ko alam kung bakit naisipan ng mga ka-opisina ko na laruin itong game na to… ngayon lang. they are all kuyas who are currently addicted to the game. i overheard them talking once, about leveling up and all… and they went like this 0_0 nung malaman nila na i knew the game.

venus and mars

at dahil diyan… i had to make a character on frakking venus (server). max had to make one too, lol. since i’m familiar with the blader character, i made another blader. so… lol. di ko alam kung anong point ng post na tooooo… other than it’s being requested of me. waaah. i guess they wanted to know why i played this or what’s special behind this game that made me play this.

i learned about this game round three years ago. i had failed to pass an interview for a promotion. para madistract ako, pinaglaro ako ng mga kaibigan ko nitong game na to. we played until everyone just sort of grew apart… and completely forgot about it. haha. i’m not playing it regularly now though, just when forced to or when i feel like it. hehehe.

before, i played it para makipag-bonding sa kaibigan. it still is special to me, reminds me of tons of memories as well as it is my one and only… mmorpg. hehe. but now i’m more interested in the graphics and art… which have been refined. killing garlies have not been so colorful as it used to be. [which reminds me, but this is totally unrelated to cabal, i’m kind of studying the artwork in bioshock 2 as well, and i just wanted to say that the graphics are surprisingly beautiful.]

so ayun…  there are still a lot of perverts in cabal ; the garlies are still annoyingly copulating, hehehe ; and melaikick… is on frakking venus. lol.

yun lang.

♥ melai

the first time i saw jang… natakot ako sa kanya. hahaha. she seemed like a really strong woman, yung parang bossy. turns out she is really really kind and caring. and i like her a lot. there was one time she knocked on my door just to check up on me… hehe (made sure i didn’t eat some prawns or something) she’s a person who likes cute things too… hahaha! meh kakampi na rin ako.

today is jang’s 23rd birthday! i made some line art (sort of making a picture look cartoon-y but in a pretty way) of her… wahehe, ninakaw ko yung pixxor niya from her multiply. she’s absolutely beautiful, yes?

cheers jang! this is my very first attempt at lining and shadowing… i hope you like it, sencya na this is the only thing i could think of… kasi naman, nilo gives you everything. hahaha. nilovesher forever!  happy happy birthday to you!

yun lang.

♥ melai

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