yummy drink factory

Posted on: April 24, 2010

yummy drink factory

i was finally able to download yummy drink factory! yeheeey! i was getting bored with plants versus zombies and another mmorpg would make me lose what’s left of my sanity. this is another cutesy game… haha! wag nyo na i-deny na nacutan kayo sa pvz. at the least, that game made the thought of a zombie invasion look cute.

mabalik tayo sa yummy drink factory or ydf nalang, it is a time management game from amaranth games. the game starts with alexis, the redhead in the picture (yes, don’t like her design much… but it’s not important), gets lost in some forest habang nagmamaneho siya ng sports car! lolz. she sees this small coffee shop and orders a drink… let’s just say na in an extremely rude manner. at dahil mabilis ang karma, she’s been sent to fairytale isle… to serve drinks! pero teka, this is not a guide ha. it just so happens that i really really like the game, the brain exercise, and adorable drinks. na-adik din si max!

fairytale island … when i had just finished 21 drink recipes. you get to see other parts of the island after every ten days, in the game ha. they named the places really nicely. you start with the woodlands where you serve tree-dwellers ; snowlark pass, permanent frost people ; witchwood, so malamang witches ang pagsisilbihan mo ; stardale glen, fairies ; and candar kingdom, sa wakas humans na meron dito. gusto ko lang idagdag the game’s characters, well the ones you have to serve and the drinks were designed by my favorite illustrator, claire belton.

candar kingdom… this happens to be my favorite  i have the island parts’ screenshots here.

the best thing about this is that by the end of the game, alexis gets wee bit more kind and we are taught of the importance of being kind. give out and share kindness and you’ll receive it too.  mejo cheesy, pero being kind does warm the heart.

you can download the game here tapos share ninyo recipes ha?

yun lang.

♥ melai


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