the angry panda

Posted on: April 12, 2010

more rants… i work my ass off pero bakit ang dami daming tamad na tao sa earth?! naholdap ako kahapon… by two assholes who probably had healthier lungs than me. one man pushed me to the ground pulled my body bag which wouldn’t come off… and then punched me several times in the face. kumusta naman, i look like a panda now, swollen face plus blackeye.

bakit ba nagnanakaw ang tao? sabi nila desperado sa pera… baket wala ba silang friends? baka naman tamad lang at gusto ng easy money.  ok ok, wala naman talagang strict code ang masama at mabuti, ang tama at mali. (lol. philo 101) pero those were two fit and normal looking people who had arms and legs… mukhang walang brains. tsk. tapos ba’t nananapak sila? wala akong masyadong laman para maging punching bag noh.

so… while resting at wala naman akong makausap, at walang mapagsabihan ng sama ng loob… (bisi miming is bisi and will just lecture me on life stuff, lol… but he did give me first aid and episodes of a funny japanese series… more on that soon) i turn to one of the things that comfort me, which is drawing. eh hindi pwedeng music, mag-emo lang ako; di rin pwedeng pagkain dahil puro sugat yung bibig ko. so here goes, just one of those doodles…

angry panda is angry. lol. learned meme from miming. did this with pencil and crayon. obviously, i can’t do a self portrait. well, i can but… heto nalang. we both have swollen faces tapos black eye and blue all over. hahaha. teka, di ako mataba but my body feels heavy… oh well, this is how i illustrated how i felt. at least di emo! hahaha! powerhug the panda, keke?

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

i forgot to say thank you to all the people who helped and worried about me. salamat salamat!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

super p. s.

nahuli na pala yung nangholdap sakin last may 26. muhahahahaha. buti nga!

yun lang ulit part tuu.

♥ melai


13 Responses to "the angry panda"

ok lang yan melai-chan! things will only look up! ^_^ i hart chu *suuuuperpowerkuuumahuuuuugzzz!!!*

i heart joo tuuuuu… *gets squashed by li-chan~! suuuuperpowerkuuumahuuuuugzzz!!!* rabu rabu! >^.^<

melai, i like doodling din but am no good as you are. pero let’s draw together soon. meron akong sketch pad haha. like i said, believe in karma. i know whatever you lost will be returned to you tenfolds. lablabyu friend!

thanks jang! tapos digitize natin! ^^,


nashock tlga ako sa ngyari sau… buti nlang pala at sinipag ako magOL at that time…

anyway.. ok k nba? ay naku kakarmahin din mga taong un… mabilis pa naman karma…

ui teka..san yung hotpots tom yangs something something.. eatallyoucan ba dun? nakuuuu.. me luvs!!! haha… parang gusto ko sya i-try… mukhang masarap magpakabusog jan… how much for a person dun sa eatallyoucan? hehe excited nako kumaen jan..

ok na ko dhee… thanks! yung tong yang sa sm fairview lang yun. uu, sarap foods dun! >^.^<

Mag-ingat ka next time melai-chan ha!

padaganan ko sila sa panda. ^^,

beb sabi ni mak, friends dw kasi nila holdaper din nyahaha lolz

bwahahahaha! ^^,

it’s ok, melai, everything’s gonna be fine. take comfort in the fact that people like that will most likely NOT die a natural death. cheer up. 🙂

mala “i shall exact your vengeace” tito beh? hehehe. >^.^<

you bet. they always die violently. or painfully. always. *evil grin*

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